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The Cost of Digital Marketing

How much should a business spend on digital marketing online? Certainly we see some spending a huge amount, others almost nothing, who then wonder why their sales are static or declining. For those that are spending, results are inconsistent. Marketing Budget Allocation A breakdown of spend per channel is critical otherwise you risk putting all more »

Going mobile-friendly may boost your revenue

21st April 2015 is the day Google starts to roll out it’s search update for mobile. Google says it will have a ‘significant impact’ upon search results. But we’ve yet to meet a business owner who was even aware it was happening or the dire effects this could have on their own website traffic. Downunder more »

Fortune Favours the Mailing List Builders

Few website owners take building an email list or are serious about capturing website leads. Businesses often complain about lack of traffic and online inquiries. They believe that their simple contact form on their contact us page is enough to drag in the leads, sales. Yeah, right… We’ve seen quite proactive companies who have done more »

Google AdWords – Does it Work, is it Effective?

With the increasing difficulty of getting ranked organically, more businesses are turning to AdWords to get traffic to their new website. Agencies are big promoters, since their visual, brand-focused websites seldom rank organically and AdWords is a quick fix, be it a relatively costly one the website owner seldom budgeted for. Google too promotes it more »

Not being mobile-friendly and fast will cost you

In Google’s next algorithm update, scheduled for 21 April 2015, it will begin to take into account if a website is mobile friendly as part of it’s ranking criteria. But being mobile-friendly is not only looking at being responsive and able to be viewed better on small screens. It must also factor in the whole more »

State of Digital Marketing in NZ

It looks like Digital marketing will come of age this year. As copyblogger owner Brian Clark once noted “we’re shaping up to be an epic year for marketers and writers. It’s the year that content, social, search, and email are coming together, working in sync for the greater good of marketing-kind. It’s also the year that more »

Here’s your SEO Work for the month

Good SEO is not a destination, but a long journey. And the journey can alter to suit the conditions and what we’ve encountered along the way. I was reminded of this concept after watching a recent video by esteemed SEO colleague Jim Stewart. A long time fan, his talk was superb as usual, but the more »

Websites must be Fast, Friendly & Relevant

We spend any spare time repairing websites for others and see a lot of common problems. Hear a lot of concerns site owners have. Inevitably there are various technical issues around site speed and/or security. Traffic or the lack of it is the other, or how ‘Google-friendly’ the site structure is technically, speed and how more »

Remember, Pages Rank, Websites Don’t…

I was reminded by an article in the yoast blog on homepage SEO, that it’s pages that rank, not sites themselves. A clear focus upon content and individual pages is really one of the first steps to get any website ranked. It’s not what you see visually or read about on the home page. In more »

Local Search Bonanza mobile-driven

The dramatic rise of mobile smartphone search makes it critical website owners localise organic SEO and Adwords search campaigns. According to Google, around 20 percent of normal search carries a local intent but that number rises to 40 or 50 percent in mobile. I see this when we look at website analytics and search query more »