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Blogging & Content Marketing – Does it work?

There’s a lot of hype around content marketing today. The new messiah to getting traffic and leads. Popular sites like copyblogger.com talk of it endlessly. Certainly adding new, fresh content to your site will get you noticed by Google, since google likes busy websites with good, original, relevant content and may often reward you with more traffic too, (assuming your website structure and SEO is fine).

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Magento Toppled from No 1 Spot

cart-platformsFor many years Magento and ZenCart have lead the ecommerce race. The preferred open source software platforms to setup professional online stores for businesses of all sizes. But Magento (used mainly by developers) and Zen Cart (used more by amateurs), have recently been pushed off their number one and two spots by WooCommerce, a WordPress shopping cart plugin. (Chart, right)

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WordPress and WordCamps on the Rise

Wordpress.pngWordPress is a big force when it comes to online. The dominant website application software that runs over 20% of all new websites worldwide and growing every year. Sites build by both novices as well as expert developers and coders. It’s a platform for the people, easy to establish, low in cost and simple to update are the key benefits. Most hosting platforms provide tools to setup a WordPress instance in just minutes and developers have provided them thousands of themes to change the look and countless plugins to add features from shopping carts, sliders, galleries, through to online learning options.

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A Faster Website – Better value than SEO?

We run a lot of websites, on lots of different host company servers. I prefer clients run the site I build on my own local setup, but often for their own reasons, they like to stick with their own provider. They have a ‘relationship’ or got a ‘great deal’.

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Google PageRank; Article Marketing Strategies

I’m in the midst of a linkedin discussion on Pagerank being the original website quality score Google generates. Pagerank (PR) was something I followed closely several years back, but these days with all the changes at Google, I believe is now largely irrelevant. I don’t know what my own Pagerank is for my sites and now don’t really care. Yes, you can still get a Pagerank figure for your site, but a high figure doesn’t guarantee you’re be found in a search. Jim Stewart, my SEO mentor in Melbourne has shown this many times.

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Get More Leads by Blogging

Using content and articles to promote yourself or your business isn’t unusual. Companies have had advertorial articles written up in magazines for decades. But magazines readership if falling whilst online readership continues to climb. The most popular online publishing system without doubt is a WordPress blog. Established in 2003 this platform has continued to grow in power and popularity, the technology behind 25% of all new sites going live in the US. In terms of market share WordPress is now way head of all competitors.

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Keywords – Now Less Important

Google is moving the goal posts, again. For years there was a major focus upon keywords and backlinks in order to get ranked in a search page result. But from October 2013, both article/directory backlinks and even keywords are becoming less important.

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Backlinks – Not That Important

For years website owners have been told by SEO geeks that getting lots of quality backlinks was the holy grail of getting ranked on Google. The more backlinks, the greater chance of getting search traffic. This was true in 2012, but simply isn’t the case any more – Which is really good news.

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Online Directory Sites – Had their Day

A number of my clients, spurred on from some articles we wrote a couple years back, are persisting in adding their company name and details to various local directories like Yellow, Gopher, Finda, localist etc. The hope is that it will help their rankings and hence get more search traffic. Although there were ranking benefits of doing this back in 2011, this isn’t the case today. What we recommended last year or earlier, often no longer works well. This modification of the rules is normal in the world of search. Rules that can change overnight.

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Why Most Website Projects Fail

Failure of business website projects is common. The World is littered with nice looking, expertly designed websites that produced little, if any business or sales results. And it can occur with $50,000 sites as often as $5,000 ones. It’s said that over 75% of business websites today fail to meet the owners sales or business expectations.

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