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Google’s sent you mail – The paper variety

This week I received two interesting things in the old post box, both from big online providers. The first was a package from Google, providing me material on AdWords I’d asked about online. Much was a copy of their online stuff, but the printed, personalised AdWords vouchers with my name on it together with a more »

Tracking – Good Marketing or Invasion of Privacy?

The tracking abilities in the digital realm are now immense. Those who have run email campaigns see a glimpse of the possibilities. We know who opens our emails, when and if they clicked on any of the enclosed links. Handy stuff. It gets better. As a real-world example, last month I did our first DM more »

The Death of Direct Mail

By Drayton Bird A while back, my Australian partner Malcolm Auld sent me a piece by a ‘marketing expert’ named Tom Evans, which stated that "direct mail for customer acquisition is dead." You should still put your money into direct marketing, said Tom — but do it online. After reading that, I rushed to the more »

Sell to Home Owners? Here’s a Gem

Sometimes it’s a obvious things that can make a big difference. How would you like to double your mailing response rates AND sales within 30 days?  Here’s an idea I stumbled on courtesy of the Dan Kennedy website here.  (I’m a big fan of Dan and his crew, often recommending other small business owners subscribe more »

Firms Hold Fast to Snail Mail

Despite the Prevalence of Digital Media, Entrepreneurs Find Old Fashioned Direct Mailings Still Key to Winning Customers Wall Street Journal, 12 January 2010 Looking to cut costs amid the recession, Alicia Settle initially thought it would be a good idea to eliminate her company’s annual direct mailing. But after swapping snail mail for email, saw more »

My Direct Mail Isn’t Working!

It’s a common cry that applies to both direct mail and advertising generally. Sales are static and not increasing, even though we’re spending more on marketing and even becoming more creative in our copy or offer. Rafi Albo talked of three key elements to a high response  campaign. A good, highly segmented mailing database, Superb more »

Lots of PDF Flyers or Bills to Distribute?

You’d think it would be easy. You’ve a new brochure, catalogue, voucher or monthly bill you want to get out to your customer base. You just want to save on paper and stamps, so it makes sense to email out a pdf. If you’re a small businessperson with only a couple hundred regular customers, then more »

Overseas Retailers – In Love with Direct Mail

Following on from David Frey’s article last week, I’ve spoken with visiting friends from the UK, Auzzie and US recently, specifically asking them their impressions of NZ. Not the touristy stuff, but how we compare in the marketing and technology arenas. It makes for depressing conversation. Inevitably they mention our huge internet and mobile phone more »

6 Website Ways to Support Your Mail

Extract by Ethan Boldt, editor-in-chief, Inside Direct Mail Wow, times have changed. In the two-plus years in my job as editor of Inside Direct Mail, the multichannel universe has exploded. Few direct mail pieces and the companies behind them can afford to be without a comprehensive and coordinated multichannel marketing plan—and the Web site as more »

Save up to 62% on Postage Costs

With standard letter rates of 50c and larger items like magazines and catalogues starting at $1.50 each, it’s the biggest single cost factor in any bulk mail out. However NZ Post provides lots of ways to save money. There’s various factors that help save you money on stamps. Item size, weight, envelope design and volume. more »