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Traffic is Queen, Conversion is King

This was part of a discussion with a large eCommerce client of mine this week. In a year with his updated WordPress shop site, we had managed to increase the traffic to his site 5x and sales a similar amount. He’s delighted of course. Yet has concern was always around getting more traffic, which when we started was poor.

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Magento Toppled from No 1 Spot

cart-platformsFor many years Magento and ZenCart have lead the ecommerce race. The preferred open source software platforms to setup professional online stores for businesses of all sizes. But Magento (used mainly by developers) and Zen Cart (used more by amateurs), have recently been pushed off their number one and two spots by WooCommerce, a WordPress shopping cart plugin. (Chart, right)

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How to Sell Online – The RIGHT Way to Setup Shop

Build it and they will come we’re told – To sell online you just need good products and find a good website developer. This is what most business owners believe. But the truth is this. Unless you have an existing retail outlet or long-established business, just placing up a new eCommerce website with new products to sell and then expecting people to flock to it is silly. It won’t work. Traffic will not magically arrive.

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SEO Crawl Errors – Hurting Your Ranking?

seo-profilerWe’ve talked a lot about SEO in this blog. Articles named ‘why Google hates you’, leaky websites etc. Google provide tools to help, plus there’s also superb third party tools too. One we’ve recommended a lot is SEOProfiler which instantly checks your page ranking – Where you will rank in a Google search page.

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What’s Your Online Sales Target?

In-house SEO_SEM_Web DevelopmentSlowly, there’s an increasing awareness within business for a need to promote themselves better online. The need to go way beyond ‘having a website’ as per the MYOB website scam. Instead, the need make online really work for them.

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Businesses Missing out on eCommerce Dollars

A stark reminder of this fact came from an article today in Smart Company in Auzzie, We’ve no equivalent online magazine here in NZ, but the Australian small business and retail experience discussed in their articles mirrors what’s happening here.

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eCommerce in NZ – Will it ever catch on?

A recent article in SmartMoney Australia magazine (read here), reminded me of how far behind we are ‘downunder’. The magazine was interviewing a successful, high growth Auzzie software company, Big Commerce, that sells its e-shopping technology into the US.

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