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Affinity Live – Business Email on Steroids

This is a little off topic from my usual rants, but worth telling. One of our local clients is a 6-person HR and Recruiting company. Like me, they get a lots of emails each day. But unlike me, this email is spread across multiple staff email boxes. To date, in order to keep everyone informed more »

Email – Why So Bad at Selling?

Having worked and monitored multiple email campaigns over the years, I’ve come to some conclusions. Firstly, as a way to get quick sales, email, although simple, cheap and convenient, isn’t good. Delivery and open rates are abysmal, with poor response and redemption rates somewhat worse than direct mail and heading towards mass marketing. We keep more »

How often should you mail?

Marketing today should start with building up a database of your existing, best customers – Don’t waste too much time  seeking out new ones, which always takes longer and is 5x more costly.  And every promotion designed for existing customers must accomplish two critical objectives… FIRST, it must produce a sale. DUH, right? Every promotion more »

Want a Better Response Rate? Try Doodling

There are dozens of ways to boost response rates. i.e. Better offer, being more creative, good copywriting, personalisation, purls, targeting an audience etc. However often we can boost response rates by doing something remarkably simple too. David Frey’s video showed us that simple often works far better than expected. Where to start? Just add in more »

Grocery Specials via email – Does it work?

Like many New Zealanders I have a Onecard. One of the benefits to owning one is you can optin to get specials by email. Technically,  they seem to have done a reasonable job. Better than most. The specials notices are nicely personalised with my name in the graphic, not just text and it implies that more »

Email Marketing – How to make it work

Selling they say, is a numbers game and if you listen to email marketing experts they’ll tell you that email is the best value. Tell people about your product or services with carefully crafted emails, and sales will surely follow. But I believe the reality is somewhat different, and I’ve figures to prove it. We more »

Use Direct Mail to Build Your e-Mail List

In many of today’s corporations, marketing channels such as e-mail, direct mail and other traditional media often exist in separate silos with each channel operating independently, sometimes even in conflict with the others. Some organizations do manage to maintain a consistent message across channels, but the individual channels often do little to support common goals. more »

Are Our Email Open Rates Fixable?

Remember Debbie Mayo-Smith? She was super popular here a few years back (and still is), telling businesses the power of email marketing. It was all simple and cheap. Anyone could do it. And she was right… How times have changed. Now there’s multiple delivery issues, poor open rates, filtering and strict anti-spam legislation to contend more »

eMail Marketing Shortcuts

Here’s an extract on the topic of shortcuts from the book ‘Small is the New Big’ by marketing super-guru, Seth Godin. I did an interview yesterday with a magazine that specializes in marketing. They’ve got hundreds of thousands of readers, mostly in the direct-mail business.  “How do you build an e-mail marketing list” the reporter more »