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Auckland WordPress Group

Today we setup a local WordPress Meetup group. For those few that don’t know what a meetup group is, it’s a forum that brings people of similar interests together, physically. The meetup website helps organise and promote real events. Whether your interest is food, movies, hiking, yoga or internet marketing, there are millions of groups more »

MYOB Get Online Websites – Saviour or Con Job?

An independent investigation into Get Online Business Websites You’ve seen it on TV. A free website for businesses by MYOB and Wespac, under the branding of www.GetOnline.co.nz. The sales pitch is convincing with quite nice designs, able to be found in Google, mobile compatibility, even eCommerce options. So, what’s the catch? Do they work? Certainly more »

Finally – How Google Ranks Your Website

Here’s some real data that may help many business owners and website designers to figure out why their websites seldom show up on page one of a search. This is analytical research, not some hype from an SEO scammer. Every two years, SEOmoz publishes a Search Engine Ranking Factors report, in which it surveys the more »

What’s the cost of SEO?

It’s the $64,000 question. In fact, over the course a ten years, $64,000 could be the right amount for a small business website. Much more if you’re in a competitive marketplace. Yet mention to any small business owner that they’d have to set aside around $6,000 per annum for SEO, which help to be found more »

Need traffic? The Website To-Do List

Ideally, an expertly rebuilt, Google-optimised website should get a 300-400% traffic increase within 3 months of going live. The results, right, come from a project done by an expert colleague in the US. But sadly, this type of traffic improvement very seldom happens with new websites, as the goals for most website rebuilds is always more »

Yellow’s Last Gasp – Will They Survive 2012?

An independent investigation into the NZ Yellow Pages New Online Services Yellow Pages new CEO, Scott Pomeroy has a grim task ahead. Transforming Yellow into a true online marketing services provider. One of his first stated goals is to work closer with Google and they recently signed up to become a Google AdWords Reseller. Earlier more »

YOU Like Your Website – But Does Google?

SEO and the ability of a website to ‘be found’ by Google is ever-changing. Unfortunately design schools seldom teach the intricacies of search marketing – Which is why most small business websites today are ranked low by Google and will never get to Page One. Too many website designers still cling to the ‘old rules’ more »

Why Online Advertising is Failing us

It appears that we humans are quite adaptable. In a relatively short time, nearly all of us have learned to ignore ads on the internet. The best way to prove this is through eye tracking studies that capture exactly what we are looking at on a web page (left). Those areas in red and orange more »

Introducing PURLs – The New Treasure

What may be hotter than Web 2.0? Personalised URLs (PURLs). 42% prefer to respond to a promotion online – Let’s make it more inviting and easier for them The concept has have been around for several years, but only now with improved tools is it exploding and taking one-to-one marketing and lead generation to new more »