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Traffic is Queen, Conversion is King

This was part of a discussion with a large eCommerce client of mine this week. In a year with his updated WordPress shop site, we had managed to increase the traffic to his site 5x and sales a similar amount. He’s delighted of course. Yet has concern was always around getting more traffic, which when we started was poor.

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Blogging & Content Marketing – Does it work?

There’s a lot of hype around content marketing today. The new messiah to getting traffic and leads. Popular sites like copyblogger.com talk of it endlessly. Certainly adding new, fresh content to your site will get you noticed by Google, since google likes busy websites with good, original, relevant content and may often reward you with more traffic too, (assuming your website structure and SEO is fine).

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A Faster Website – Better value than SEO?

We run a lot of websites, on lots of different host company servers. I prefer clients run the site I build on my own local setup, but often for their own reasons, they like to stick with their own provider. They have a ‘relationship’ or got a ‘great deal’.

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Google PageRank; Article Marketing Strategies

I’m in the midst of a linkedin discussion on Pagerank being the original website quality score Google generates. Pagerank (PR) was something I followed closely several years back, but these days with all the changes at Google, I believe is now largely irrelevant. I don’t know what my own Pagerank is for my sites and now don’t really care. Yes, you can still get a Pagerank figure for your site, but a high figure doesn’t guarantee you’re be found in a search. Jim Stewart, my SEO mentor in Melbourne has shown this many times.

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It seems SEO is Dead, again…

Jim Stewart, my favourite SEO guru in Auzzie made some great comments on this topic. These attention-seeking articles arise on various websites and newspapers at regular intervals. Alongside other articles on the death of Facebook and email… As Jim said, many ‘experts’ forget that Google is the primary navigation system of the web and won’t be disappearing any time soon…

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Mobile in Business – Saviour or Death Knell?

contactmeThe explosion in Apple iphone and android smartphones has taken everyone by surprise. In line with worldwide trends, over half of NZ mobiles are smartphones, representing around 1.6 million users as of March 2013.

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Marketing Campaigns – A Big Mistake?

We’ve recently started re-reading the Seth Godin blogs. Was a big fan years back, but had gotten out of the habit of reading them.

However a recent article entitled “Communication is a path not an event” reminded me of how much marketing has changed. Why consumers are turning off to the big sales pitch and ‘broadcast marketing’ methods. They may want to continue talking to us if the product/service being offered appears a fit, but often on their terms and timeframes.

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State of Digital Marketing in NZ

It looks like Digital marketing will come of age this year. As copyblogger owner Brian Clark noted “2013 is already shaping up to be an epic year for marketers and writers. It’s the year that content, social, search, and email are coming together, working in sync for the greater good of marketing-kind. It’s also the year that wise marketing departments will use analytics and automation to scale their efforts and make better decisions.”

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