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Wheedle – Done on the Cheap?

We’ve heard it before. Cheap always carries risk. You get what you pay for. In retail cheap goods we know are of lower quality and more likely to require replacement earlier. This applies to clothes, shoes as well as big screen TVs and the new Wheedle Website.  But should any business put in mission-critical IT more »

Affinity Live – Business Email on Steroids

This is a little off topic from my usual rants, but worth telling. One of our local clients is a 6-person HR and Recruiting company. Like me, they get a lots of emails each day. But unlike me, this email is spread across multiple staff email boxes. To date, in order to keep everyone informed more »

Multi-Channel Marketing for Sales Results

I was reminded how far behind businesses are in their thinking when I got an email from www.dukky.com this morning. This is a marketing automation developer I contacted a few years back. Their stunning cross-channel campaigns provide unbelievable response rates, often ten times the industry average! They provide expert systems for businesses and agencies that more »

Online Marketing – Where to Start

They say that for anything new to happen, someone with the right skills needs to take charge. My 15 years in the print sector, that underwent huge technological change, taught me that any new process or software system introduced always needed an in-house champion to ensure success. It’s not often the boss, but a trusted more »

Radio Advertising – Back to the 80s

This rant was prompted by a recent blog from Seth Godin in the US. Seth is one of the world’s top marketing gurus and published author with a huge following. To quote: “There are just a few radio stations in each market……. Scarcity of spectrum, inflexible consumption (listen now or it’s gone forever)…”  (read more) more »

To know the future, watch your kids

I recall an amazing presentation at a TED conference with scientist Clifford Stoll a few years back, pondering on what the future will bring. He said, “Don’t ask a scientist or engineer about the future, ask a kindergarten teacher.” It this is true, there’s no place for printed books or magazines in the lives of more »

Google Goggles – Merging Offline and Online

Many would have heard about technologies like QR codes and we’ve discussed them here previously. They’ve been popular in Asia for years now, with QR readers built into every phone. However there are other alternatives coming that will likely bypass QR technology. At least here in NZ. Checkout this video. x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq-hXD33vXs

Help! My business Sucks!

I recently came across a small business entrepreneur Andrew Lock. This guy is making a fortune on ebay and gained a high profile in the US. He starts with the premise that conventional marketing is dead and a waste of money. Any small business still using it won’t be around too long. To promote his more »

Tri-Messaging. The Best Digital Marketing Mix?

I’m on a lot of mailing lists. One very interesting newsletter arrived recently from Lyris, an innovative email marketing provider in the US.  The topic was very new.  Tri-messaging, being an integrated blend of email, mobile and social media communications. To use their description: Tri-messaging is marketing messages that are created, integrated and unleashed for more »

Change – Why so hard?

If you’re in sales, getting clients to make a decision can be frustrating. We’ve shown them the features, huge benefits and have a stunning deal – An amazing ROI too that screams out for action and quick implementation. After all, we can make (or save them) loads of money – Yet they do nothing… Why more »