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Is Content Still King?

Marketing campaigns span every marketing channel today – from television to direct mail… e-mail to radio… telemarketing to Internet… mobile and beyond. The world of marketing is changing all the time, but the one thing that has remained unchanged is the fact that "Copy Is King."

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Show Me the Money [with More Channels]

by MaryEllen Tribby

maryellen-tribbyRadio, TV, banner ads, pay-per-click (PPC), magazine ads, billboards… There are dozens if not hundreds of marketing channels you can use to get your sales message across. [Many marketers forget this]. We don’t expect you to use all of them all of the time – but you should know what your options are. Test different channels and different channel combinations, and roll out with what is most effective for you and your organization.

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Your Marketing Sucks!

Everyone gets wrapped up with the design, offer and media side of sucksmarketing – The basics, being the true objective of marketing, to drive sales and company profits, is often overlooked. I was reminded of this after  listening to an interview by Dan Kennedy with Mark Stevens, author of the 2003 best selling book “Your Marketing Sucks.’

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Marketing: It’s Not About You

This heading was borrowed from a similar one in the Marketing Technology Blog on website design. But the same is obviously true in marketing. Too often we talk only of ourselves. Our amazing product. Our amazing service. The reality that customers generally couldn’t care less about us or our fancy offerings. They are concerned only with themselves.

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Retail Marketing Opportunities Never Better

retail31 Despite a depressed global economy, a surprising 76 percent of senior marketers believe they are not realizing the full revenue potential of their current customers. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council in the US released last December an insightful “Routes to Revenue” study. The core conclusion? Better Customer Data Integration and Analytics is seen as Critical to Revenue-Generating Strategies and Marketing Efficiencies.

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Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret

Studies indicate that only 58 % of direct marketing operations are deemed effective. That means that in four cases out of ten, the operation or campaign has no significant effect on the brand’s market share or sales.

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Fear, Food and Sex

susans I recently heard an intriguing podcast interview on Duct Tape Marketing with Dr Susan Weinschenk, author of Neuro Web Design: What makes them click?

Susan simply reconfirmed from an academic and ‘brain function’ viewpoint, what good marketers have known for many years – That many of our decision making process, including those around buying decisions, are triggered firstly by the unconscious mind. The rational, logical processes come in second.

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The Agency Challenge

It’s a tough time to be in advertising. Things don’t work like they used to. More media choices, more competition for the consumers gaze, time and attention. Just throwing more ‘out there’ doesn’t work like it did.

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Seth Godin – Building Brands or a Tribe?

banana_tribes Seth Godin reminds us again of how much the world of marketing and advertising has changed since the internet arrived.

Today great success can come from building a connected community of followers, not just a brand – Finding products for your unique tribe of customers, instead of customers for your products.

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Bobs Copywriting Corner

Introducing Bob Bly – Super Copywriter

bobBob Bly has been called “America’s Top Copywriter.” He is author of The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells. In the podcast below, Bob shares more secrets on writing email and direct mail pieces that get amazing results.

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