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Apple is launching search engine to destroy Google

Situation – Greed, Growth & Profit is Big Business It’s no secret that Google has become very profit-focused in recent years. My last article on local SEO showed this, with changes in their search page results that will directly benefit their bottom line. Google is also gearing up to take on Amazon and eBay, (ref more »

Local Search Bonanza mobile-driven

The dramatic rise of mobile smartphone search makes it critical website owners localise organic SEO and Adwords search campaigns. According to Google, around 20 percent of normal search carries a local intent but that number rises to 40 or 50 percent in mobile. I see this when we look at website analytics and search query more »

New Year Prediction – The Mobile Opportunity

If you look at what is happening online, the key trend is around the use of mobile phones and tablets. Prices are plummeting and usage growing at staggering rates. The uptake of these devices by consumers to access the online world is breath-taking. The use of the small screen in everyday life wasn’t even predicted more »

Mobile Apps – The Next Big Thing for Consumers

We’ve recently established a new side business around mobile apps. We’ve been making mobile-responsive websites for a while now and mobile apps are a key extension of this work. Most are aware of the explosion around mobile worldwide. 43% of New Zealanders now regularly use their mobile phone for internet access, up from 15% a more »

Google Goggles – Merging Offline and Online

Many would have heard about technologies like QR codes and we’ve discussed them here previously. They’ve been popular in Asia for years now, with QR readers built into every phone. However there are other alternatives coming that will likely bypass QR technology. At least here in NZ. Checkout this video. x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq-hXD33vXs

Mobile Web – What’s going wrong?

A month dominated by mobile stories here and worldwide. One article in ISM from the UK quoted the local Google head as predicting that by 2013 internet access will involve more mobiles, than laptops or desktop PCs! This may sound great, but a quick check of most popular websites here indicates they (web designers), have more »

Don’t compare mobile to email marketing

Mobile marketing is very different from email and it has to be done right. If your existing email strategy is to build the largest email database possible, then mobile needs to be about building a database of your best and most loyal customers. Mobile is about LOYALTY – period. Those who are willing to have more »

Mobile Marketing – Some Real-world Stats

It’s hard to get numbers on mobile marketing’s effectiveness locally, since we’ve hardly started here in NZ, even though our mobile phone penetration and usage is high. (In Japan mobile marketing + coupons are commonplace). However I recently came across some useful numbers out of the US market. It came from a mobile provider servicing more »

Your Customers have gone Mobile – Have YOU?

It’s a key question for those in business. As always, it seems consumers are way ahead of the game. Mobile phones are now a big part of daily life with text messaging the most common activity for most of us. It’s rapidly taking over other key chores too once done on a PC. Many are more »

Tri-Messaging. The Best Digital Marketing Mix?

I’m on a lot of mailing lists. One very interesting newsletter arrived recently from Lyris, an innovative email marketing provider in the US.  The topic was very new.  Tri-messaging, being an integrated blend of email, mobile and social media communications. To use their description: Tri-messaging is marketing messages that are created, integrated and unleashed for more »