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Jeffrey Hayzlett; Marketing Providers; OraHQ

Thinking big is a new year resolution with updates planned for this site. It was therefore timely we were followed on Twitter this week by Jeffrey Hayzlett. I was honoured to connect to this ‘Global Business Celebrity’ and best-selling author, I suspect arrived via my recent tweet on Woocommerce for business that we’d posted elsewhere. Jeffrey is a well more »

Mobile Advertising Hit Hard by Apple

The difficulties advertisers have continue to mount. This week it was revealed that Apple’s new Safari release will bring new Content Blocking extensions to iOS. Content Blocking extensions are a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other ‘unwanted’ content like ads. What this means is, when iOS 9 launches in the spring, more »

Digital Marketing Growth Slowing Down?

What you say? That can’t be right…. But a post this month by ClickZ reminded me how slow digital marketing has been adopted. 20 years in and consumer behavior has gone through massive transformation. Consumers have taken to digital like ducks to water. Yet most marketers and businesses have not, now years behind. I’ve personally seen more »

The Cost of Digital Marketing

How much should a business spend on digital marketing online? Certainly we see some spending a huge amount, others almost nothing, who then wonder why their sales are static or declining. For those that are spending, results are inconsistent. Marketing Budget Allocation A breakdown of spend per channel is critical otherwise you risk putting all more »

Three areas to save money when starting out

Want to save up to 70% on that new business website? The traditional methods of website design and build can get costly today. $3,000 for a basic site and $5,000 for a custom one is typical. Twice this if it has special functions. Below are some viable alternatives. 1. Business logo – A lot of fuss more »

Why Marketing Executives Get Little Respect

A recent article in Forbes magazine discussed why marketing executives performance is substandard and why they are seldom trusted by their bosses. The key issue raised in the article being that most senior marketing executives appear to work on their ‘gut instinct’ instead of utilsing data or reasoning, common with other executive roles. The problem more »

My New Year Resolution – Marketing Automation

We’ve a new year resolution. Gathering and tracking more leads for this and my other websites. For most of us it starts with subscribe forms, tied into a good email marketing system like mailchimp, aweber or similar. This is where we must all start, by building a mailing list. There are loads of new tools more »

Your Website – A Brochure or Sales Channel?

This is a long rant, so if you’re a designer or marketer, have patience, don’t be offended, because there is a point. To most businesses, their website is just an online version of their printed sales brochure. And when the site isn’t performing in terms of traffic or inquiries, the fix is inevitably a re-design more »

Fast Response Really Sells

Did you know that the odds of successfully selling to a prospect increases a 100x if responded to within 5 minutes vs 30 minutes? Yet most take over an hour to respond to online inquires. The same study also told us that the odds of actually converting a lead if talked to within the 5 more »

Mobile Could Be BIG for Business…

With the market flooded with smartphones and tablets these day, you’d think more businesses would be catering to the mobile users. They’re  not.  As my US colleague has reminded me more than once… “If you want to know what the internet and online marketing was like ten years back, go to New Zealand” “If you more »