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Marketing Better – With Data

An article in todays Auzzie Marketing Magazine lamented the problems around the issues of utilising ‘Big Data’ in marketing. i.e. Getting Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) on board with the idea. Apparently in the Auzzie market at least, it’s become a catch-cry this year. Data in marketing and promotional material is hardly new though. It’s been more »

Blogging – Does it work in business?

This has become a popular term recently, the idea that writing a lot of posts and dissemination information can get you traffic and sales. Essentially that’s what this blog does, but I’ve never been convinced that it’s a strategy with a high priority. Surely other marketing tools would do a better job… However we stumbled more »

Digital Marketing – Like Formula One Racing?

I love watching Top Gear on TV. A recent episode showed Richard Hamond attempting to drive an Formula 1 racecar. Although Hammond is certainly no ‘Stig,’ one has to admit that he’s driven some very fast cars over the years and has to be classified as a very competent amateur, putting aside perhaps from that more »

And do you want TRAFFIC with that Website Order?

It’s a spin on the fast food industry phrase, but I think it also applies to the selling of websites. Problem is, almost no web developers or designers ever ask the question. Do you want traffic with your new website? Clients just assume traffic is part of the deal and don’t realise it’s not. I more »

Forget the Website – Give me leads

This comment from a frustrated website owner. He’s right of course. Companies know the Yellow Pages is dead, with Google the modern day replacement. They then think about having a website, to ‘be found’ when someone searches for their products. But in the vast majority of cases, their website provides few leads or sales. Stories more »

How to Sell Online – The RIGHT Way to Setup Shop

Build it and they will come we’re told – To sell online you just need good products and find a good website developer. This is what most business owners believe. But the truth is this. Unless you have an existing retail outlet or long-established business, just placing up a new eCommerce website with new products more »

Send them to my Facebook Page – Why?

Many of the ads I see on TV these days are asking people to visit their Facebook page instead of their website. What’s with that? Sending prospects to an open, cluttered forum where the brand has less control? To me it is sheer madness and illustrates how little the major agencies, (especially those that put more »

Need Good Website Images? Hire a Copywriter

Yes, if you need to instill good imagery about your product or service, then it’s often far better to hire a copywriter than a graphic artist. This gem we got from conversion scientist, Brian Massey. In a recent article he reminded us how important it is to not only have the right visual images on more »

Why Companies Waste 71% of Online Sales Leads

This was an article in Forbes magazine recently. I’ve seen similar reports before. So, why are most companies bad at this? Is it a technology or people problem? It’s a bit of both. It starts with having lack processes in place. It normally starts with the way incoming leads are handled. Generally, if it’s an more »

Business Website Marketing Costs Today

Now that we are building websites virtually full time these days, I get lots of questions. Primarily over the cost. (more…)