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Google PageRank; Article Marketing Strategies

I’m in the midst of a linkedin discussion on Pagerank being the original website quality score Google generates. Pagerank (PR) was something I followed closely several years back, but these days with all the changes at Google, I believe is now largely irrelevant. I don’t know what my own Pagerank is for my sites and now don’t really care. Yes, you can still get a Pagerank figure for your site, but a high figure doesn’t guarantee you’re be found in a search. Jim Stewart, my SEO mentor in Melbourne has shown this many times.

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Keywords – Now Less Important

Google is moving the goal posts, again. For years there was a major focus upon keywords and backlinks in order to get ranked in a search page result. But from October 2013, both article/directory backlinks and even keywords are becoming less important.

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Backlinks – Not That Important

For years website owners have been told by SEO geeks that getting lots of quality backlinks was the holy grail of getting ranked on Google. The more backlinks, the greater chance of getting search traffic. This was true in 2012, but simply isn’t the case any more – Which is really good news.

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Online Directory Sites – Had their Day

A number of my clients, spurred on from some articles we wrote a couple years back, are persisting in adding their company name and details to various local directories like Yellow, Gopher, Finda, localist etc. The hope is that it will help their rankings and hence get more search traffic. Although there were ranking benefits of doing this back in 2011, this isn’t the case today. What we recommended last year or earlier, often no longer works well. This modification of the rules is normal in the world of search. Rules that can change overnight.

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It seems SEO is Dead, again…

Jim Stewart, my favourite SEO guru in Auzzie made some great comments on this topic. These attention-seeking articles arise on various websites and newspapers at regular intervals. Alongside other articles on the death of Facebook and email… As Jim said, many ‘experts’ forget that Google is the primary navigation system of the web and won’t be disappearing any time soon…

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I Want to Rank No1 in Google

This is an all too familiar request from business owners when it comes to their new website. They often say it as if they’re ordering coffee at McDonalds. It’s not like ordering coffee, more like ordering a new road or long driveway. There’s lots of planning, disagreements and hard work ahead. And in 95% of cases, it takes way longer than either party wants.

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Better SEO with more Backlinks & Beer

There’s lots written about the need for having your website up to scratch. Good coding structure, keywords and plenty of relevant content. In fact content marketing is the latest magic pill in the industry to get you ranked higher. It’s all about how good your website is and how often you upload good content, preferably daily. But it’s a lot of work and effort.

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Search Engine Optimisation – The Four Steps

Where to Start with SEO

This is always a big problem for newcomers looking to increase their website traffic. Everyone is looking for the magic bullet. This week I stumbled across a stunning webinar on this topic by Michael H. Fleischner, author of SEO Made Simple.

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SEO Services – Useful or Just Snake Oil?

Small businesses are seeing lots more emails selling SEO these days, mainly from offshore. Anything from backlinks to full SEO packages. Some good, some average, some bogus. The sales tactics used makes SEO vendors appear as sleazy snake oil salesmen than a professional business service.

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Successful SEO – The 3 Steps, in 3 Minutes

We came across a great intro video recently from an SEO colleague who sells SEO for dummies training courses in the US.

This short video extract reminded me of the three things every website build should do at the initial planning stages, if the aim is to get more search traffic. As this 3 minute video outlines, thinking in terms of what Google does and what people are searching for is the secret to success. Watch this video and see if this is how your last website was developed. My guess is was all around the website design and branding. Nothing about traffic, market research or keywords.

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