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Facebook – Now Broken for Many Users

Last year we wrote an article, Facebook, broken for business. Now, in Facebook’s drive for more revenue, it’s getting worse. Users are noting a significant drop in traffic and connections with fans and more advertising pushed in their faces.

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Send them to my Facebook Page – Why?

Many of the ads I see on TV these days are asking people to visit their Facebook page instead of their website. What’s with that? Sending prospects to an open, cluttered forum where the brand has less control? To me it is sheer madness and illustrates how little the major agencies, (especially those that put together TV campaigns) know about online and how it works.

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Has the Facebook Bubble Burst?

Wall StreetHot of the wire today, it seems Wall Street did a bad job [again] of predicting Facebooks worth. An expected value of around $37 per share a few months back is now just $20.

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Facebook – Currently Broken for Business

Just (via a Facebook feed) picked up an article via Debbie Mayo-Smith, entitled “FaceBook’s Dirty little secret – It’s broken for business”

Facebook-BThis is from a datamation article in the US following an extensive technical study around the way Facebook updates and distributes users news items. i.e. When you share some news to your loyal followers. (read more).

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The Facebook Guide for Small Biz

For small businesses, there’s been an explosion in the use of Facebook this year. Compared with other forms of marketing, the costs are low (assuming you’re not spending more than an hour a day on it) and the returns in terms of customer acquisition are good. I believe we’re only just now tapping into the power of Facebook for business.

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Social Media – I was Wrong

conversions-from-social I must admit, a year ago I wondered why I even bothered reading about social media. I didn’t see the point of it for sales. All the businesspeople I spoke to then that had setup a Facebook page or Twitter account simply didn’t see the ROI.  Many found other ‘business-like’ communities like Linkedin ten times more effective.

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Don’t Cold Call, Social Call

linked We’ve long resisted the move to include social media in this blog. I initially saw it as a tools for the young and colleagues worldwide in sales revealed that their time spent on Twitter, Facebook etc simply wasn’t giving results compared with more traditional lead generation strategies like referrals, trade shows and general networking. Linkedin, the business networking site they found of some value to the bottom line, but little else.

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