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Websites must be Fast, Friendly & Relevant

failWe spend any spare time repairing websites for others and see a lot of common problems. Hear a lot of concerns site owners have. Inevitably there are various technical issues around site speed and/or security. Traffic or the lack of it is the other, or how ‘Google-friendly’ the site structure is technically, speed and how relevant the content is – If it is a good match for what people are searching for online.

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More WordPress Websites under Attack

bot-traffic-report-2013Websites and the net is becoming more and more infected. One recent report declared that now 61% of the internet’s traffic is non-human, being various bots, the majority being of evil intent. We see it in attacks on websites and in emails.

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Are you spending too much on Web Design?

debretts2It’s an easy question. There’s a lot of money spent by companies here on the look of their new website. Thousands spent to get the right visuals and that elusive wow factor. Design is often carefully crafted by professionals, with lots of meetings, proofs, mockups, exactly the same process as was common with the old company brochures in the 80s, just an online version now. But is this huge investment in the website look and branding actually worth it?

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Blogging & Content Marketing – Does it work?

There’s a lot of hype around content marketing today. The new messiah to getting traffic and leads. Popular sites like copyblogger.com talk of it endlessly. Certainly adding new, fresh content to your site will get you noticed by Google, since google likes busy websites with good, original, relevant content and may often reward you with more traffic too, (assuming your website structure and SEO is fine).

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WordPress and WordCamps on the Rise

Wordpress.pngWordPress is a big force when it comes to online. The dominant website application software that runs over 20% of all new websites worldwide and growing every year. Sites build by both novices as well as expert developers and coders. It’s a platform for the people, easy to establish, low in cost and simple to update are the key benefits. Most hosting platforms provide tools to setup a WordPress instance in just minutes and developers have provided them thousands of themes to change the look and countless plugins to add features from shopping carts, sliders, galleries, through to online learning options.

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Get More Leads by Blogging

Using content and articles to promote yourself or your business isn’t unusual. Companies have had advertorial articles written up in magazines for decades. But magazines readership if falling whilst online readership continues to climb. The most popular online publishing system without doubt is a WordPress blog. Established in 2003 this platform has continued to grow in power and popularity, the technology behind 25% of all new sites going live in the US. In terms of market share WordPress is now way head of all competitors.

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Why Most Website Projects Fail

Failure of business website projects is common. The World is littered with nice looking, expertly designed websites that produced little, if any business or sales results. And it can occur with $50,000 sites as often as $5,000 ones. It’s said that over 75% of business websites today fail to meet the owners sales or business expectations.

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Mobile Could Be BIG for Business…

With the market flooded with smartphones and tablets these day, you’d think more businesses would be catering to the mobile users. They’re  not.  As my US colleague has reminded me more than once… “If you want to know what the internet and online marketing was like ten years back, go to New Zealand”

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Does Good Web Design Equal More Traffic?

One of my clients rang this morning, frantic over a new competitor website he discovered. Much of his business comes via facebook and good placement in Google search results, with thousands visiting each month. This new site seemed a major threat. Certainly the visual appearance and functionality was indeed stunning.  It was one of those $30,000 shopping/directory websites, likely assembled by a team of skilled graphic designers, in this instance utilising the respected Adobe catalyst platform.

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Rise of the Small Directory Sites

We’ve had a lot to say in recent years around the coming demise of directories like Yellow, Finda, Gopher, Localist etc. These each compete head on with Google and in every instance I’ve seen, provide a tiny fraction of the leads, typically say 20 leads per month vs 1,000 leads via Google. The stats confirm these all-purpose directories are a waste of time and money as a means for any business to get new customers. In my book they only exist through the use of high pressure sales tactics and the gullibility if business owners.

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