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This is the blog of Marketing Technologist and Website Developer, Kevin Trye

In today’s marketplace marketing is primarily digital marketing, via websites, email, social etc. It’s a fast-paced world where the providers of these services inevitably focus upon two or three elements, excluding all others. Why? Because it’s generally too difficult for them.

So, if the ‘experts’ are struggling to make a real go of digital marketing and its myriad of choices and toolsets, where does this leave the average business owner?? Where to start, who to trust.

This blog and the opinions within present a frank insight into various elements of the online world. Tips and concepts seldom you’ll get from your local web designer or IT person, whom you’ve sadly put all your trust in. Although they may know a lot, they certainly don’t know it all. The end results of their solitary efforts will most likely disappoint, especially if you were expecting a quick fix for your sales woes. Understanding, hard work and perseverance is the only path ahead.

This blog builds up the understanding phase. It will help you better understand the role and tricks around websites, eCommerce, SEO, Mobile, Social Media, eMail and more. To prove we’ve been doing this marketing technology stuff a while now, you’ll note our earlier articles (2008) even cover direct mail which still has a place in some sectors. So, take a look around and feel free to comment or email me. We love feedback and happy to take on opposing viewpoints. Even we don’t know it all. Just more than most out there….

Kevin Trye, Marketing Technologist, Web Developer and Publisher

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