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Direct Mail

Sometimes Simple Works

We often get overwhelmed by the need to do really fancy stuff. In some sectors, like retail and fashion, a big WOW factor is critical, as Rafi has shown us. But the key emotional factor that makes us buy something can be generated in many ways.

For example, David Frey introduces this amazing case study. Here, a rather plain-looking direct mail letter and discount card did the trick. It has a good story line and real down-to-earth appeal. It is the right kind of message to the right audience. It likely wouldn’t work in all industry sectors, but it certainly did in this example, giving a huge ROI. Just figure out WHY it worked, and you’ll discover some of the hidden secrets to successful small business marketing. My own view is that this particular type of message with the bride as a trigger invokes our emotional side. It makes us view the company at a more personal level, not just another business looking for our money.

It proves again that direct response marketing is a specialist arena, with special skills. This is perhaps why traditional creative agencies often struggle to get their small or home business clients good mailer response rates – Good marketing is much more than just an advertising pitch and fancy graphics. It’s not a branding exercise. We just want people to do something – To respond to an offer.

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