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Want a Better Response Rate? Try Doodling

click_here1 There are dozens of ways to boost response rates. i.e. Better offer, being more creative, good copywriting, personalisation, purls, targeting an audience etc. However often we can boost response rates by doing something remarkably simple too. David Frey’s video showed us that simple often works far better than expected. Where to start? Just add in something that helps grab the readers attention.

Yep, a seemingly handwritten salesletter_after note to highlight an area or offer as shown in red on the sales letter or brochure, left. No changes of copy, just something that’s overprinted to reinforce what has already been said.

It may look cheesy, and most Mac designers will scream, saying it’s amateurish and tacky. But like it or not, for most consumer products or services, this ‘old school’ direct marketing trick still works! In fact it can often double, even triple response rates!

This happens regardless of the media you use, be it printed mailings, sales letters, email or website copy, These ‘doodles’ have been proven to do a great job.

For those of you that are sceptical, try it out on your next email or direct mail campaign. Send out half using your standard ‘professionally designed’ version and the other 50% with the doodles added in. Yes, it may mean adding in colour, which costs more if printed, but if it achieves 50-200% higher responses, it’s money well spent. Even a 20% sample with doodles may be enough to prove it’s value in your own marketing.



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