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Google PageRank; Article Marketing Strategies

I’m in the midst of a linkedin discussion on Pagerank being the original website quality score Google generates. Pagerank (PR) was something I followed closely several years back, but these days with all the changes at Google, I believe is now largely irrelevant. I don’t know what my own Pagerank is for my sites and now don’t really care. Yes, you can still get a Pagerank figure for your site, but a high figure doesn’t guarantee you’re be found in a search. Jim Stewart, my SEO mentor in Melbourne has shown this many times.

One tactic once used to get a good PR and ranking was to write loads of articles about yourself on other ezine sites and then add backlinks on countless local or international directory sites.  We were recommending clients do this as little as 3 years ago, always noting the pagerank of any site using a plugin in my firefox browser. Today it’s a pointless exercise. It may not do too much harm, but will do very little good. But article marketing itself still has a place, but only when you don’t write the article yourself, which was the old practice.

Good Article Marketing Does Work

As my post on linkedin said: Article marketing still has a place, especially if those articles are written by someone else in authority like a newspaper or experts in your specific sector. (How you become an expert in Googles eyes is another topic). But it’s those articles that you create yourself on other generalist sites, with a view to manipulating your own search page results ranking that Google doesn’t like and may consider penalising you for. Backlinks and articles must occur naturally, almost without your own intervention aside from sharing your stories on your own Google+ and various social channels. Good articles are those written by others in authority that like what you do and will then invest their own time online to tell others…

But as I often say to my students and clients, as in life, it’s not just what your say about yourself that’s important, it’s what others say about you that always gets the best results.

p.s. Naturally for any ranking, you still must follow the golden rule of regularly posting good, interesting, relevant content on your own [fast] site or blog, able to be indexed by the googlebot, which is often another big factor holding back site search ranking.

Ref: Linkedin discussion

Jim Stewart Backlink Article


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