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Traffic is Queen, Conversion is King

This was part of a discussion with a large eCommerce client of mine this week. In a year with his updated WordPress shop site, we had managed to increase the traffic to his site 5x and sales a similar amount. He’s delighted of course. Yet has concern was always around getting more traffic, which when we started was poor.

Certainly looking at his webmaster tools search queries, there was still a lot of potential there to expand his market and reach. Perhaps doubling it in 6 months. But the time and costs to do this with more content, social media and adwords could be quite costly. and would this doubling of traffic double sales? The alternative, I suggested was to better connect with those that already do arrive on your site, since the existing traffic numbers themselves were quite good. His was just that like most shop sites, only 1-2% of those visiting, turned into a sale.

Traffic doesn’t turn into buyers

As long pushed by the likes of website conversion specialists, the goal for an eCommerce site especially, should be 5-10% conversions, not 1-2% we’ve got used to. The trick is to work out how to get from 1 to 5% conversions. Much can be done simply by watching what visitors do on your site through analytics and also having better followup and communications channels to keep visitors informed of what you have. Followup is perhaps the hidden gem.

We’ve long placed a lot of webforms on client sites. These generally get filled in more often than people pick up the phone or send through an email, no matter how big the phone numbers are displayed on your website. But any online inquiry using a form must be responded to very quickly, or the person loses interest and goes elsewhere… A Uk study indicated that a response back with 10 minutes has a 10x greater chance of turning into a sale than responding within 2-3 hours, which appears to be the industry norm….

This means human-based followup systems especially, as critical when selling online…