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Hidden Truths

Google says for More Traffic, Add Content

A big part of succeeding online today is getting lots of traffic, then converting that traffic into sales. Certainly you must have a website that is fast and works well with clean coding that the Googlebots like.

A website that hasn’t had any regular content updates in the last 3-6 months, has likely plummeted in ranking and traffic.

But beyond this there has to be a big focus upon relevant, fresh content being added each month, to maintain your Google search page ranking. The days of the website mimicking an annual company report or brochure are long gone. A business website needs to be more like a newspaper reporting news and events happening in your business, or market sector.

Beware of false SEO prophets

There’s a lot of misconceptions when it come to getting website traffic. Most businesses are still bombarded with emails promising great things if you signup to a particular SEO service offshore. Most are scams, especially those that talk endlessly about backlinks, keywords or keyword density. Such things may have been critical years ago, but not today, often doing more harm than good.

Google do in fact provide lots of superb advice [and data] on what to do. Their ranking algorithms this year do help small businesses especially, yet few are taking advantage of their new methods or webmaster guidelines. Website structure, good content and the blending in of social media is the key, as are trends in the fast-paced mobile space. A good, genuine practitioner of the latest SEO strategies is Jim Stewart in Melbourne. Here’s a classic podcast from him.

For many, it’s all in the too hard basket

Few company owners have the time or passion for all this. They have a business to run and clients to keep happy. We therefore recommend business clients subcontract the website content chore to local copywriters or marketing companies. They don’t even have to be expert in online or technology, just understand the need to write good, relevant posts, regularly.

To get better rankings quickly, you may just need to hire a writer, journalist or marketer, not an SEO specialist, web design or development company…

We’ll work along side these wordsmiths or marketers, providing them full access to your WordPress website to safely add content and blog posts themselves. Our part will be to provide them monthly Google ranking reports and topic recommendations, as Jim outlined above – Helping your copywriter or marketer get the best ranking and traffic results. In some sectors social media plays a big part, in other sectors it does not – The reality is that every business and market differs.

If you need help with all this, drop us a line and we’ll find out who in your area can help.