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Multi-Channel Marketing for Sales Results

Dukky_justifyheaderI was reminded how far behind businesses are in their thinking when I got an email from www.dukky.com this morning. This is a marketing automation developer I contacted a few years back. Their stunning cross-channel campaigns provide unbelievable response rates, often ten times the industry average!

They provide expert systems for businesses and agencies that run and expertly track both online and offline campaigns for clients across all media. i.e. Printed direct mail, print and web display ads, Google Adwords, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Mobile, eMail Marketing etc.

caseHow far behind business thinking is here was loudly demonstrated by a comment from a retail client of ours  this week, who amongst other items, sells Nike products. Word is that within Nike, when it comes to online marketing at least, it’s all about setting up e-Storefronts and using Facebook. Blogs and other online channels are not working they say… Yeah, right.

My client then questioned their current emphasis on their blog (which gets hundreds of hits per day and has many thousands of readers). Should they focus on an online store and their Facebook page? The problem here is that everyone is still looking for the next big thing or bandwagon to hitch on to. The ONE thing that will magically bring them instant sales and new customers.

More Channels Means More Leads

lead-sourceBut the world (and customers) don’t work this way. There’s no single magic fix available. No simple shortcut to success online, be it using Blogs, Facebook or email. Customers use multiple channels to connect with their suppliers or retailers. Many use Google, Blogs or email to keep informed.  Others prefer Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, or a mix of the above. We should all realise this and avoid ‘closing down’ or dismissing any marketing communication channel as unimportant – Even print and the old telephone.

…we should be looking at how we use ALL channels, simultaneously

Instead of jumping from one channel to another to find ‘the best’, we should be looking at how we use ALL channels, simultaneously... It’s what Dukky clients do, and it produces stunning results.

Why isn’t cross-channel marketing popular?

So, why hasn’t cross-channel taken off? The problem, is that these campaigns take time and skills to plan, and then implement. You need as many geeks in the planning room as you do creatives – And they seldom get along, explaining why the big creative-driven agencies like to market one channel and campaign at a time.  They simply can’t understand the need for complex workflows, analytics or data mining applications. Can’t see how it can be used to grow sales – To most it’s all nasty numbers and math, not lovely art.

p.s. I guess from the agency or graphic artists viewpoint,  it’s always been easier to sell the visuals and wow factor, than to sell figures or results – Unless of course you’re selling to an accountant or the company owner. Maybe this explains why online hasn’t taken hold in many small business sectors. Business owners are still awaiting the payback details. Something beyond the fancy visuals…

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