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The Dark Side of Marketing

No, it’s not about bad, high pressure tactics. It’s about you. How your brain works when you’ve a buying decision to make. How you react when making decisions. The Psychology of the buying.

facevaluesIt seems we’re all readable and somewhat predictable, especially once we’ve been profiled and diced up into a particular segment. The best marketers and copywriters know this and apply their secrets to get higher response rates to their ads or promotions, regardless of the media channel.

But it goes way beyond knowing the right words to put on paper, TV or in an email. It gets personal. We can literally be ‘read’ by our body language – Remember all the Allan Pease books, popular in the 70s?. Now it seems the lines on our face, expressions, voice inflection count too. There’s even a drama about it on TV3 called Lie to Me. All this knowledge comes in real handy for professional sales and marketing people.

One of the most interesting interviews I’ve found on the latest developments in this area was with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, talking with the authors of Face Values. Click on the audio icon below to hear a short 4 min extract from that 30 min interview talking about the use of Mental Filters to boost marketing response rates.


The trick to all this I guess is how to have this type of information put into a CRM system as part of our marketing planning and management. But what’s an easy way to profile people then catalogue and use the data? Maybe we have to buy the book to find out.

Website Conversion Tricks

The World’s number one website conversion guru Bryan Eisenberg was also interviewed on this general topic, proving again that no matter what the media channel used (web, print), the same principles apply. Here’s his advice.


brainaudit_new_50What a local expert on this? Check out Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics. who has his superb Training books, podcasts and CDs entitled Brain Audit


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