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Tri-Messaging. The Best Digital Marketing Mix?

I’m on a lot of mailing lists. One very interesting newsletter arrived recently from emailsocialmobileLyris, an innovative email marketing provider in the US.  The topic was very new.  Tri-messaging, being an integrated blend of email, mobile and social media communications. To use their description:

Tri-messaging is marketing messages that are created, integrated and unleashed for email, social and mobile channels to stimulate engagement.

The graph Lyris provided, reminded us again of how marketing has dramatically changed. Again how the consumer, not the marketer or advertiser is in control. Business are now just participants, not drivers of marketing. influenceSeth Godin and other gurus forecast all this long ago,

However this paper showed what digital marketing is really about today. Finding the best touchpoints where our customers are. Certainly it is around email, social websites and mobile.

Mobile is the most interesting element, since is can bring everything together. Modern iPhone and smartphones can do it all – Collect and send emails, monitor, view, even update blogs, facebook pages and twitter accounts at will, on the go.

iphone_text_message The other neat, emerging mobile phone marketing tool is text messaging and the use of business-defined keywords. These can be easily established for any business, allowing customers to ‘opt in’ to company specials, coupons or events. It’s not broadcast marketing or spam either. These are customer-requested, auto-response text messages providing quick information, coupons, even weblinks through to a mobile-optimised ‘mobi’ website, in realtime.

“Laptops are for old people”

It’s only a matter of time before smart retailers, restaurant owners, advertisers and marketers realise the sales potential on interacting with their customers through these channels, focused around mobile email, texts and mobile web. Forget clunky MS Outlook or IE/Firefox on a PC – As my friends teenage son told me, who’d ditched his PC for an Apple iTouch, “Laptops and PCs are just for you old people”.


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