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Restaurants – Natural Affinity with Mobile

In a hint of what’s to come here in 2009/10, a just-released survey from the popular urbanspoon restaurant website in the US has shown a dramatic increase in mobile phone access.

  • Of their visitors on the web, 74% come from Google.
  • Of their visitors through mobile devices, 99% come through the iPhone (they have one of the more popular apps).
  • They’re seeing more than double the revenue off of those mobile users versus normal web users.


There’s been related articles here on the use of and importance of SMS messaging for marketing  – For restaurants especially, where mobile activity is strong, the success formula is really quite simple.

For lead generation they need an integrated direct mail, mobile phone and website marketing strategy. To keep customer returning they need a means to build and track everyone via an online CRM system, linked to a mobile phone e-loyalty programme.

For an innovative link with traditional media and for lead generation, utilise individual event TXT keywords or longer term introduce QR barcodes on all printed newsletters, signs and menus. Make it super-easy for loyal customers to bookmark your website or to respond to offers on their mobile.

This allows instant subscription to SMS offers, to pass on referrals and even give out e-discount vouchers to friends. Easy


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