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Mobile Web – What’s going wrong?

A month dominated by mobile stories here and worldwide. One article in ISM from the UK quoted the local Google head as predicting that by 2013 internet access will involve more mobiles, than laptops or desktop PCs!

This may sound great, but a quick check of most popular websites here indicates they (web designers), have a lot of work to do. The average download time to a borrowed 3G iPhone was over 30 seconds. Studies tell us that most people will ditch a website after a 10 second wait.

It’s not just me. There’s a handy online testing tool available at www.ready.mobi that provides the stats on any website you like to enter.

Over 90% of the NZ websites I entered gave a poor or bad result, even those that boasted they were mobile-friendly. Somewhat ironically, restaurant and associated directory websites are the worst for mobile browsers, even though this sector has some of the highest traffic potential for mobile users.

So, why have local web designers and developers dropped the ball? Is it a cost issue or don’t they realise the speed at which mobile is coming? Certainly business owners would be concerned if they knew. It’s like having a store and deliberately turning away customers.

I don’t personally believe it’s always a cost issue, since there are cunning methods to ‘mobilise’ almost any existing website in a couple days, for under $1,000.  There’s also the option to establish a Facebook page, since these are inherently optimised for both desktop and mobile users. Blog-based sites are also another option, as these are often much easier to ‘mobilise’ than those expensive, custom-built websites. For those that like video, then setup a channel on Youtube and have your mobile customers go there instead.

P.S. Want your website mobilised? email zn.oc.gnitekramlatigidnull@nivek

I think the issues are more around education and awareness. Mobile access of the web has come upon us fast. Let’s hope these tips rock the boat a little and get local web designers on the mobile fast track. Otherwise, just give us a call….