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New Year Prediction – The Mobile Opportunity

If you look at what is happening online, the key trend is around the use of mobile phones and tablets. Prices are plummeting and usage growing at staggering rates. The uptake of these devices by consumers to access the online world is breath-taking.

The use of the small screen in everyday life wasn’t even predicted in most Sci-fi movies. Star Trek had them talking to the big screen as did this ‘back to the future’ clip from 1989. It was typical of where people thought the world was going 25 years ago when it came to communication technologies. Big screen videophones. We’ve often found it hard to predict more than a few years ahead.

Mobile Websites & Mobile Apps are the future

But looking just year ahead is really quite easy. We just follow the crowd. Follow Apple & Samsung.

smart1For marketers and small business, mobile really is the big, untapped opportunity to connect with consumers, for relatively little cost. The trend away from the mass market push advertising that Seth Godin has talked of for years is upon us. Users, especially the young, are clambering for it. It’s business that’s lagging behind in terms of adoption.

The opportunities to grow traffic and business sales using these mobile toolsets is absolutely immense. From Small Retail, Realtors, Restaurants, Car Servicing and a multitude of home services providers. There are few sectors that wouldn’t benefit…

But who to turn to in little NZ?

Sadly, most web designers that many will turn to for help are not well geared up to respond to this opportunity. Old school graphic designers and agency people really struggle with this stuff. They don’t even like to ask for outside help from ‘geeks’ like ourselves. Many still talk of building separate mobile websites! Search optimisation or mobile apps also appear in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Successful marketing today  is biased towards Google search, technology integration and customer interaction, all expertly tracked and analysed. Marketing today is far less about ‘branding’ and slick promotions. Bringing local web designers, marketers and small business owners into this more personalised mobile age is the end goal. Early business adopters here will be the biggest winners. Yet all this stuff is hardly new.  We’re only copying what has been proven overseas for several years. .

If you’re a graphic designer, marketer or business owner, email me at  zn.oc.gnitekramlatigidnull@nivek for your 2013 mobile strategy. .

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