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62% of restaurant searches on Valentines? Mobile

mobiliseThe growth in mobile is staggering. There are now more smartphones sold than laptops and PCs combined. And these mobile devices are used for email, search and social interaction. But how well prepared is business?

According to Google, who have done expert analysis, most business websites are not optimised for mobile devices. They take too long to load and are poorly laid out, with users either waiting too long or having to zoom and scroll to get the needed information.

Google recently introduce a new website to help.  www.howtogomo.com Check it out.

We’re failing – and it’s costing sales

Our own analysis indicated that under 5% of sites here pass the test and somewhat ironically, restaurant sites are some of the worst offenders. Why is this? It’s because most websites are built using old, dated architecture and no thought for the mobile user. It is assumed that the mobile browser will somehow handle it.

The other options is to have your own Mobile App. In the US these are very popular and they produce bottom-line results too. Once costing thousands and months of work, for small businesses like restaurants, these can now be built quickly and for a relatively low cost.

For a quote on upgrading your business for the mobile user, email me at zn.oc.gnitekramlatigidnull@nivek


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