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Blogging – Does it work in business?

This has become a popular term recently, the idea that writing a lot of posts and dissemination information can get you traffic and sales. Essentially that’s what this blog does, but I’ve never been convinced that it’s a strategy with a high priority. Surely other marketing tools would do a better job… However we stumbled across this article in the New York Times that put a business perspective on content [educational] marketing.

Essentially, this was the story of a small business owner who manufactured fibreglass swimming pools. The need to try something different to get more business occurred back in mid 2009 as his market and business slumped to a low point with orders drying up. At this point the company was already spending $250,000 pa on traditional advertising like Radio, TV, even some Google AdWords pay-per-click campaigns to help drive people to his website.  But none of this was providing many new clients.

Marketing Budget slashed – Now what?

At the time of this cashflow crisis, the business owner cut his marketing budget to about a tenth of what it was previously, with focus upon cheaper ways to find clients through informational blog posts and online videos, now commonly called “content marketing.”

Start Blogging – Solve Problems – Answer Questions

Although he started out with general information articles, the one that got most of his new business was entitled “The Problems with Fibreglass Pools” Perhaps without realising it at the time, there were loads of people putting this term into Google. As his article related exactly to this question, he quickly (within days) was on Google page one for this popular phrase.

The rest, as they say, is history. The floodgates to new business and customers had begun, just by answering a common question related to his trade. I can think of similar questions and topics that could apply to almost every trade or business profession. It made me think more about the articles I write here too. You may see a change in emphasis in the coming months.

We’ve spoken before on how easy it is to see what the popular terms are and then writing about them in your company blog can bring huge rewards… But don’t take my work for it. Read the Times article here….

Do as I say, PLEASE

Perhaps the comment at the end of the article intrigued me the most.  “Q. How have your competitors responded to all of this?  A. They still don’t really get it.” Which basically means even though people may know what to do to get more business, most still won’t change their old ways. It’s the human condition really. Fear of change, even when we know that change will do us good.

So, to that small group of entrepreneurs out there, take heed of this advice and learn from the experience of others. To me it’s just common sense, but not commonly applied….


Recent changes at Google search algorithm give even more weight to blogging and content marketing AND LESS TO BACKLINKS, according to Jim. Checkout this video from Jim Stewart in Auz.

Ref: http://stewartmedia.biz/search-engine-optimisation-blog/3-simple-seo-steps-to-rank-fast/

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