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Marketing Better – With Data

marketingmagAn article in todays Auzzie Marketing Magazine lamented the problems around the issues of utilising ‘Big Data’ in marketing. i.e. Getting Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) on board with the idea. Apparently in the Auzzie market at least, it’s become a catch-cry this year.

Data in marketing and promotional material is hardly new though. It’s been in use in the direct mail sector for a decades from around 1970. Back then the only data used was the persons name and address on the envelope and simple personalised letters being the sales offer.

Yet data in marketing was actually one of the reasons we started this blog back in 2008, showing what was/is possible. Back then was primarily still as it applied to direct mail, not so much online as my earlier articles showed.

Using Data is Hard Work

But just because we can do something wonderous with the technology, means little in the marketplace. I recall direct marketing super-geek Rafi Albo who was brought out by Xerox and gave some superb lectures to digital printshops in 2009. He quoted “the technology is always way ahead of the market”.  We tend to stick with the old ways longer than we should.

It often takes a generation to move forward. But just having kids using the net and digital toys doesn’t always work right in the business sense. There needs to be an underlying understanding of data and how humans interact with each other. The school kids won’t understand this. The successful digital marketer of the future will need to have a team approach. Those with an understanding of the technology, data and human nature.

Finding the right staff isn’t easy

As the Auzzie article stated, just finding the right people that can do this work, understanding the technology and sales aspects will be the major problem. Bringing in those from the UK or US it appears is the quickest solution – Those from markets that are 5-6 years ahead of ours who will know what do do without a lot of training and wasted effort. Get results within months, not years….

It’s unfortunate that we, like our Auzzie cousins can’t developer the skills and have training programmes in place for these opportunities. But like so many technologies now used here, it’s deemed easier to import the talent, than develop our own….



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