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Need Good Website Images? Hire a Copywriter

Yes, if you need to instill good imagery about your product or service, then it’s often far better to hire a copywriter than a graphic artist.

This gem we got from conversion scientist, Brian Massey. In a recent article he reminded us how important it is to not only have the right visual images on our site, but also the ability to conjure up the right picture in peoples minds. Have a good story to tell that they remember. His biting words remind us of what’s going horribly wrong today when we create our new business websites.

“A good writer can create better images than a graphic artist…”

To read the full article, visit Brians website or listen here Copywriters

It’s not just about good stories and mental pictures. Good copywriters bring Personas into this equation too. Tweaking the copy [stories] to appeal to the four personality types. It’s a major factor in the design of all high traffic ecommerce websites today, typically doubling sales conversions.

p.s. Personas, not demographics

Some think this is about demographics. i.e. Tailoring the sales pitch based upon your age, income, race, location etc – The stuff that Facebook or a direct marketing company uses. To quote Brian from his searchengineland article, “Personas tell you about motivations and behaviors that anyone of any income, ethnicity or age might have…  Personas are based on how customers make decisions and what inspires them, or drives them away.”


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