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Marketing Strategy

The Rafi WOW Factor

rafi Rafi Albo of Segmarketing Agency, recently toured New Zealand. An expert in the loyalty marketing industry, he showed us how with personalised one-to-one marketing techniques, he helped clients achieve double-figure response rates in over 300 marketing campaigns.

In a high energy edge-of-the-seat two hour workshop, he showed off his strategies, samples and a dozen case studies on how to consistently achieve these amazing, record-breaking results. Results up to 200 x higher than the industry average.

This 5-min extract introduces a few of his secrets.

The Power of Relevance.

No matter how you look at it, as in all direct marketing, it comes down to three things.

  • A good segmented mailing database,
  • Superb creative with a real WOW factor, and
  • A compelling, highly relevant offer.

P.S. This WOW factor can come in many forms. The offer, format, paper, special wrapping or perhaps an original way of showing the person’s name in print, email or online using purls (details here).

In our weekly workshops we provide numerous examples of what’s possible today and now needed to get your customers attention.

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