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Search Engine Optimization

How to Do Better in Google

Easy SEO for Website Owners.

My previous article on SEO spammers told of all the things that can go wrong around getting a higher Google search page listing. What happens when you hire the wrong SEO company or buy the wrong SEO software. But what can a typical website owner do to boost their traffic and not break any of the rules? Without getting in to the technical side, what does Google recommended?

Well, here’s a classic 45min video from Google’s Matt Cutts a few years back, most of which is still relevant today. He presents  things in a practical, somewhat humorous tone, He talks here to bloggers and developers at a big WordPress conference, but the same obviously applies to any website, be it for small or large businesses.

Today, with the latest changes at Google, the emphasis is even more on quality content and less on the numbers of backlinks, which is what that SEO optimisation software and too many SEO services have to offer. Avoid them at all costs!

p.s. Matt touches upon several really great tools Google offers for webmasters. Unfortunately most website designers and developers here don’t use them. Some sites I see don’t even have Google analytics loaded!  I use these tools all the time myself, providing our clients with regular plain English reports on what it all means. And how the data can be used to:  reduce site errors; build traffic; revise content; ensure Google is not penalising you.

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