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Googles Local Business Bonanza

Most small businesses with local customers have been slow to appreciate and utilise Google search to grow their sales and auckland provide sales leads. Not so for the business leaders who now invest much of their marketing budgets into GoogleAds, email marketing and social media.  They understand that if you’re after new customers, being found and talked about on the net is critical.

GoogleAds is worthwhile for small business including restaurants, retailers, hair salons, anyone providing home or business services etc. But now there’s an interesting, complementary service from Google that could get you on the first page quicker and at less cost. It’s Google’s revamped local business listing service, with maps, now called Google Places. It’s an amazing, valuable service offering.

Yellow Pages Advertising – Now Wasted Money?

Google is growing rapidly in this area, trumping long-established local directory services. Informal surveys in Australia reveal that when looking for a new product or business supplier, around ten times more people will use Google over the Yellow pages (books or online version).  As many surveyed noted ““I reckon the yellow pages is obsolete, why would you spend money on the yellow pages when they’ll just as easily find you on Google.”

Yellow pages searches are in decline, worldwide (graph below). This ensures Google will remain the clear leader in terms of lead generation capability and ROI.

yellowsearches Figures like these mean it’s hard to cost-justify a yellow pages listing these days, compared with spending a similar amount of money on GoogleAds, Places and related search engine optimisation work. And most business aren’t even listed on Google Places yet, meaning you’ve less online competition from day one!

Don’t believe that Google isn’t going after Yellow Pages? Check out the new Google tags enhancement for Google Places, just released in the US (click here). Only time before it’s available here.

Leverage the Google Brand for Your Business

This also represents a great opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the trust people have with Google’s brand. If your places listing and website features more prominently on Google, you are automatically seen as an authority in your sector.

Google places and related search services have to be one of the best value marketing investment you could make right now, providing many more sales leads than the traditional directory services offerings. Yes, there are tricks and work to get you listed high, but the cost of doing this is minimal compared to existing Yellow Pages fees.

Cancel Yellow?

No. Don’t rush out and cancel all your yellow pages to save money. A low cost listing on their website alone is still worthwhile ($100/month?), since just being in a major directory like Yellow, somewhat ironically, improves your chances of a Page One Google listing – Which is important, since ten times more people are searching for you on Google, than Yellow! (Life, and the internet, is strange). Monitor things for a while. The technology allows you to track everything,

One area you could save cash on, especially if your market is urban, is your old yellow pages hard copy book listing. Ditching this will save you thousands and have a negligible effect upon your sales leads.


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