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Successful SEO – The 3 Steps, in 3 Minutes

We came across a great intro video recently from an SEO colleague who sells SEO for dummies training courses in the US.

This short video extract reminded me of the three things every website build should do at the initial planning stages, if the aim is to get more search traffic. As this 3 minute video outlines, thinking in terms of what Google does and what people are searching for is the secret to success. Watch this video and see if this is how your last website was developed. My guess is was all around the website design and branding. Nothing about traffic, market research or keywords.

Sadly, expert SEO & Traffic-building work occurs in under 1% of NZ business websites

With companies (and most agencies) still locked into the 90s marketing mentality, the ‘design’ elements are ALWAYS the priority.  Yes, design is important for those that find your website, but if it can’t be found in first first place, then we have a problem. Sadly, skilled copywriters and SEO people are normally the last involved when websites are being discussed or built, when they should be the first at the table.

Business owners of these pretty brochure sites then complain they’re not getting much traffic! But for every dollar spent on the original visual design and coding, twice this amount needs to be set aside for monthly content updates and related SEO work. This would benefit business owners, but it’s often bad news for web designers who only see a bigger share of the website pie going to an outside copywriter or SEO person – Hence it won’t be promoted unless the design company has the skills to do it all in-house, which is rare.

SEO, in 4 minutes, in plain English

Here’s a quick plain english summary of SEO that we love, as appeared on TV show in the states.

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