We can help you with:


Super-Efficient Mail Processing Services

  • Database cleaning, address certification, formatting and presort processes to help you qualify for up to 62% postage discounts.
  • Mailing / Fulfillment Services – Digital Printing, Folding, Envelope Inserting, Packing, Film Wrapping, Address Labeling, Post.
  • Returns management and Change of address services – Reduce overall mailing expenditure and wastage by up to 20% 

High Response Marketing Services

  • SmartMail – Dynamic marketing messages. We super-personalize your printed communications, typically doubling response rates. Expert segmentation and integration of any transactional, demographic and personal data ensures even higher response rates.
  • PURLs – Use personalized print or email to drive people online to their own landing page. 2-5x higher response rates. Ideal for surveys, offers and more. Includes tracking, notification tools (eMail/TXT) – Impresses customers and helps sales to follow up leads.
  • e-Adoption services – Help you migrate to and implement eMail and Web delivery options for high response cross-media campaigns. Where appropriate, segment and migrate message delivery towards online channels, ensuring big time, print and postal savings.
  • m-Loyalty –  Coupon, email and cellphone loyalty programs to track/drive greater sales for Retail, Hospitality and Home Services.

Better Billing Services

  • Bill Time — If you are sending multiple bills to your customers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • SmartDeliver – identifies the right method (print-post, email as PDF attachment, fax, web) just from your database file.
  • Transpromo billing – Make your paper or e-bills pay their way with attractive, targeted advertising. New XML-to-Print options allow integration with the latest business applications and accelerate processes by up to 500%, saving further time and costs.
  • Web archival and retrieval options enables your call center personnel to securely view, print, fax, and email any bill.