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Don’t Cold Call, Social Call

linked We’ve long resisted the move to include social media in this blog. I initially saw it as a tools for the young and colleagues worldwide in sales revealed that their time spent on Twitter, Facebook etc simply wasn’t giving results compared with more traditional lead generation strategies like referrals, trade shows and general networking. Linkedin, the business networking site they found of some value to the bottom line, but little else.

However if we look at these things in the same way as you’d view attending a local chamber of commerce meet, being a forum to make new touchpoints, then I suspect it has a place.

eyelogo-lg There’s a new webinar coming up that I’ve registered for entitled Don’t Cold Call, Social Call. Now, knowing that most salespeople hate cold calling, then this one should be interesting…

To register yourself, visit www.eyeonsales.com  If you miss it, I’ll place an audio link archive of it on this page later.


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