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Is Content Still King?

Marketing campaigns span every marketing channel today – from television to direct mail… e-mail to radio… telemarketing to Internet… mobile and beyond. The world of marketing is changing all the time, but the one thing that has remained unchanged is the fact that "Copy Is King."

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Want a Better Response Rate? Try Doodling

click_here1 There are dozens of ways to boost response rates. i.e. Better offer, being more creative, good copywriting, personalisation, purls, targeting an audience etc. However often we can boost response rates by doing something remarkably simple too. David Frey’s video showed us that simple often works far better than expected. Where to start? Just add in something that helps grab the readers attention.

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Email Marketing – How to make it work

Selling they say, is a numbers game and if you listen to email marketing experts they’ll tell you that email is the best value. Tell people about your product or services with carefully crafted emails, and sales will surely follow. But I believe the reality is somewhat different, and I’ve figures to prove it.

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Bobs Copywriting Corner

Introducing Bob Bly – Super Copywriter

bobBob Bly has been called “America’s Top Copywriter.” He is author of The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells. In the podcast below, Bob shares more secrets on writing email and direct mail pieces that get amazing results.

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