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How often should you mail?

Marketing today should start with building up a database of your existing, best customers – Don’t waste too much time  seeking out new ones, which always takes longer and is 5x more costly.  And every promotion designed for existing customers must accomplish two critical objectives…

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Firms Hold Fast to Snail Mail

Despite the Prevalence of Digital Media, Entrepreneurs Find Old Fashioned Direct Mailings Still Key to Winning Customers

Wall Street Journal, 12 January 2010

Looking to cut costs amid the recession, Alicia Settle initially thought it would be a good idea to eliminate her company’s annual direct mailing.

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Show Me the Money [with More Channels]

by MaryEllen Tribby

maryellen-tribbyRadio, TV, banner ads, pay-per-click (PPC), magazine ads, billboards… There are dozens if not hundreds of marketing channels you can use to get your sales message across. [Many marketers forget this]. We don’t expect you to use all of them all of the time – but you should know what your options are. Test different channels and different channel combinations, and roll out with what is most effective for you and your organization.

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Retail Marketing Opportunities Never Better

retail31 Despite a depressed global economy, a surprising 76 percent of senior marketers believe they are not realizing the full revenue potential of their current customers. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council in the US released last December an insightful “Routes to Revenue” study. The core conclusion? Better Customer Data Integration and Analytics is seen as Critical to Revenue-Generating Strategies and Marketing Efficiencies.

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Easy 15% More Sales for Online Shop

Online underwear merchant Bare Necessities in the US, long renown for running successful, highly segmented and targeted email campaigns, tried something new  – Coordinating a personalized full colour, hard copy postcard campaign with their e-mail, to a segment of its customer file. The result? A huge increase in sales from those who received both marketing messages.

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Most Still Prefer Real Stores

Whether you’re a retailer or service provider, your website is what people will most often turn to after learning about you through the various online or offline media channels. First impressions and offer counts, as is your ability to quickly provide them with the products or information they came looking for.

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Is a 35% Response Rate Rise Enough?

I read an email from a copywriter recently, claiming a 35% improvement in response rates for a client campaign. Sounds interesting I thought, this guy must know his stuff.

responserates However statistics aren’t always what they seem and this is commonly the case on the web where bold claims are commonplace. It’s a great place for scammers. In this case the 35% claim was technically correct, but I eventually discovered that the 35% came from an increase in response from 1.0 to 1.35%, which in real world terms for this particular client, only turned into a few more sales. A small handful of dollars…

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What’s in a Name?

Seeing your own name included in direct mail piece is commonplace (and been possible since 1972 when the first digital printer was connected to an IBM mainframe). Software simply extracts your name from a database and places it on the digitally printed document. We see it weekly in our bills, statements and company letters.

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The Rafi WOW Factor

rafi Rafi Albo of Segmarketing Agency, recently toured New Zealand. An expert in the loyalty marketing industry, he showed us how with personalised one-to-one marketing techniques, he helped clients achieve double-figure response rates in over 300 marketing campaigns.

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Shocking 1700% Revenue Increase

taser One of the most exciting personalised marketing campaigns I’ve read about is Taser International’s PURL campaign utilising personalised Print, Email and Website.

They provide us some real-world numbers of how cost-effective new PURL marketing can be compared with traditional methods of sales lead generation.

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