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Google Goggles – Merging Offline and Online

Many would have heard about technologies like QR codes and we’ve discussed them here previously. They’ve been popular in Asia for years now, with QR readers built into every phone. However there are other alternatives coming that will likely bypass QR technology. At least here in NZ. Checkout this video.


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Mobile Web – What’s going wrong?

A month dominated by mobile stories here and worldwide. One article in ISM from the UK quoted the local Google head as predicting that by 2013 internet access will involve more mobiles, than laptops or desktop PCs!

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Your Customers have gone Mobile – Have YOU?


It’s a key question for those in business.

As always, it seems consumers are way ahead of the game. Mobile phones are now a big part of daily life with text messaging the most common activity for most of us. It’s rapidly taking over other key chores too once done on a PC.

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Restaurants – Natural Affinity with Mobile

In a hint of what’s to come here in 2009/10, a just-released survey from the popular urbanspoon restaurant website in the US has shown a dramatic increase in mobile phone access.

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SMS or Die – Part 2

bts When we send out a marketing message, what’s emerging as the best response channel? Reply Post, Phone, Email, or Website?  Well, none of the above. It’s TXT messaging.

You’d never know it by looking at TV, Radio, Outdoor or Print promotions today. Most still cling to the old 0800 phone number, even though it hasn’t been the crowd favorite for many years. It seems that most ad agencies and marketers today are still locked in the past, and it’s likely costing them in lost sales.

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SMS or Die – Part 1

sms-or-die That was the heading on a US mobile vendor website. It seems text-messaging, or SMS usage is on the rise while legitimate email usage is falling. Far more mobile phones than personal computers are sold around the world and these devices are getting smarter, gradually taking over tasks once done on a PC, and it seems, reducing our reliance upon email

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No More Plastic Loyalty Cards

There are a number of technological aspects that will develop over the next few years, some of which are behind-the-scenes technologies that consumers aren’t aware of, and some of which will directly affect and interface with the consumer. Because new technology is usually an enabling factor for commerce and innovation, any new technologies that come along must be examined from every angle: in essence, marketers need to look at each technology to find the problems that each new technology can solve.

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iPhone Direct Marketing / Loyalty Card

This technology darling of the young and old alike has a constant stream of new applications that never ceases to amaze.

"Ever since the iPhone came around, it turned the mobile-advertising opportunity from something really stiff, cramped, awkward and slow into something beautiful, sexy and fast."

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Small is the New Big

Remember that scene in Back to the Future 2 when they transported Marty (Michael J. Fox) into a disastrous future? His high tech home had a big interactive screen for news and video-phone communication. I think this science fiction view of the future, which was a popular back in the 80s, will be way off the mark.

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