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Use Direct Mail to Build Your e-Mail List

In many of today’s corporations, marketing channels such as e-mail, direct mail and other traditional media often exist in separate silos with each channel operating independently, sometimes even in conflict with the others. Some organizations do manage to maintain a consistent message across channels, but the individual channels often do little to support common goals.

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Shocking 1700% Revenue Increase

taser One of the most exciting personalised marketing campaigns I’ve read about is Taser International’s PURL campaign utilising personalised Print, Email and Website.

They provide us some real-world numbers of how cost-effective new PURL marketing can be compared with traditional methods of sales lead generation.

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Introducing PURLs – The New Treasure

pearls What may be hotter than Web 2.0? Personalised URLs (PURLs).

42% prefer to respond to a promotion online – Let’s make it more inviting and easier for them

The concept has have been around for several years, but only now with improved tools is it exploding and taking one-to-one marketing and lead generation to new heights. It encourages the growing numbers of people who prefer to respond to a promotion online, regardless of whether they heard about it from a friend, in an email, text, direct mail piece or personalised brochure.

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