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Mobile Marketing – Some Real-world Stats

It’s hard to get numbers on mobile marketing’s effectiveness locally, since we’ve hardly started here in NZ, even though our mobile phone penetration and usage is high. (In Japan mobile marketing + coupons are commonplace). However I recently came across some useful numbers out of the US market. It came from a mobile provider servicing the restaurant industry, via a Linkedin forum.

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Retail Marketing Opportunities Never Better

retail31 Despite a depressed global economy, a surprising 76 percent of senior marketers believe they are not realizing the full revenue potential of their current customers. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council in the US released last December an insightful “Routes to Revenue” study. The core conclusion? Better Customer Data Integration and Analytics is seen as Critical to Revenue-Generating Strategies and Marketing Efficiencies.

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Restaurants – Natural Affinity with Mobile

In a hint of what’s to come here in 2009/10, a just-released survey from the popular urbanspoon restaurant website in the US has shown a dramatic increase in mobile phone access.

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Birthdays Bring in the Customers

Marketing people like to be creative. Some will not openly admit that they loathe data because it’s just not fun to look at spreadsheets, graphs, and charts compared to designing something.

Birthday Card Gift & Ribbon However, creatively using data about customers can contribute to the customer’s experience in so many ways.

That doesn’t mean a birthday card should be sent to every customer because data shows that below-average customers know the sentiment is hollow

For example, there’s nothing easier than sending a birthday card to your best customers. That doesn’t mean a birthday card should be sent to every customer because data shows that below-average customers know the sentiment is hollow; they know they don’t shop enough to warrant a birthday card. In addition, below-average customers spend too little anyway and the result is a negative ROI.

30_70But when you send a creative, relevant, personalized birthday card with a gift that has no catch to a good customer, it pays dividends in relationship building that goes beyond that day’s transaction.

Data from a major retailer in the US showed that their best customers (i.e. top 30%), when they redeemed their birthday gifts, spent even more. They purchased things they normally wouldn’t as a treat for themselves and they bought more than usual in gratitude. They walked the store, discovered new merchandise and ‘connected’ more.

Real-world Case Studies

UK supermarket giant Sainsburys talked to each of its 4.5 million ‘Nector Card’ customers with an image personalized postcard mailer right on their birthday. Printed digitally with a volume of about 400,000 pieces each month.

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Restaurant Rewards

Here’s an interesting concept from the US – One we’re sure could work here in New Zealand. All it needs is a simple way to build up your list of recipients through our own personalised direct mailers, smart email and purl marketing toolsets.

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Starbucks – It’s the Experience, stupid

In the consumer marketplace, Starbucks has become a household name. Marketing gurus have held them up as a fine case study for many years. Seth Godin once commented on their cunning marketing plan. “I’ll meet you at Starbucks” – This was the catch cry of millions of Mums and business people wanting to get together to chill out or to talk. Starbucks was simply marketed as a comfortable meeting place with couches. Serving coffee was just a [highly profitable] spinoff activity.

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