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Save up to 62% on Postage Costs

clip_image001 With standard letter rates of 50c and larger items like magazines and catalogues starting at $1.50 each, it’s the biggest single cost factor in any bulk mail out.

However NZ Post provides lots of ways to save money.

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Transpromo – The New Route to Revenue

For many years, companies have included promotional inserts into bills, statements and financial mailings, but the effectiveness of those inserts diminishes every year as customers often bin them immediately and only read and keep the document with their information on it.

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Halve Your Returned Mail Costs

parcels Returned post is a huge expense for any business. A bad address not only slows delivery but results in returned mail, which is very costly – for everyone.

The cost to handle and re-mail undelivered mail has a hard cost of over $2 per item, towering over the original 60-90c it cost to print, process and mail the item! Overall, for most companies this adds around 10-15% to their annual mailing costs.

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