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Finally – How Google Ranks Your Website

2011 Search ranking factors from SEOmozHere’s some real data that may help many business owners and website designers to figure out why their websites seldom show up on page one of a search. This is analytical research, not some hype from an SEO scammer.

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What’s the cost of SEO?

It’s the $64,000 question. In fact, over the course a ten years, $64,000 could be the right amount for a small business website. Much more if you’re in a competitive marketplace.

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Need traffic? The Website To-Do List

Ideally, an expertly rebuilt, Google-optimised website should get a 300-400% traffic increase within 3 months of going live.

Website-Traffic-GrowthThe results, right, come from a project done by an expert colleague in the US. But sadly, this type of traffic improvement very seldom happens with new websites, as the goals for most website rebuilds is always around ‘the look’. It’s somehow assumed that more traffic will magically follow! Yeah, right

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Save your Google Ranking!

This was the title of a recent study by ientry.com released today, highlighting what’s going horribly wrong with websites today. Why they’re not getting the Google traffic they deserve and their owners expect. The site may look great and has the needed keywords… But

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YOU like your website but does Google?

SEO and the ability of a website to ‘be found’ by Google is ever-changing. Unfortunately design schools seldom teach the intricacies of search marketing – Which is why most small business websites today are ranked low by Google and will never get to Page One.

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Is Direct Traffic Better Than Google Traffic?

Not all web traffic is equal and understanding the value of direct traffic can help online retailers hone their marketing.

“Direct traffic” is web traffic you get from people who already know about your website or store. They either click a bookmark to come to your site or type your site’s URL directly into their browser’s address bar. By comparison, “search engine traffic” comes from people that probably don’t know about your site. They were looking for a keyword or phrase and your site just showed up in the results on Google, Yahoo!, or MSN’s Live Search.

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Google alone sends the most leads to your site, Right?

Hands up those that believe that Google is the main method of driving people to your website and that the more you spend on GoogleAds and SEO, the better?

Sorry to disappoint. Yes, many people will use Google to find out about you or get to your website. But, the bigger question is what gets those same individuals to do a search in the first place? What’s the ‘original’ motivator that got them to your website the very first time to buy your product or service? Surprisingly, it’s most often offline forces. e.g. Printed materials, TV, Word of mouth referrals etc.

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