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Yellow’s Last Gasp – Will They Survive 2012?

An independent investigation into the NZ Yellow Pages New Online Services Yellow Pages new CEO, Scott Pomeroy has a grim task ahead. Transforming Yellow into a true online marketing services provider. One of his first stated goals is to work closer with Google and they recently signed up to become a Google AdWords Reseller. Earlier more »

Directory Telemarketers – Be Gone!

A colleague has been talking to a lot of small business owners recently. When we talk to them about their website and online marketing, a common complaint is their harassment by the local directories. e.g. Yellow pages, Locallist, Finda and Gopher. These are Suspect, Highly Dubious services Looking at the website traffic figures (for those more »

Online Directory Listings – Are They Worth It?

A number of my clients have been pestered by various directory providers the last few months, each selling a variety of products to help them be found online. But are these services any good? It seems there’s dozens of them with Yellow, Finda, Gopher and Localist being the main ones. Some offer free listings, but more »

Spam, Scams and Websites

A friend forwarded me an email this week via one of those ‘deals’ sites. Normally, it’s for a fashion item, hotel or restaurant bargain This was quite different. Someone selling websites for $99! Websites isn’t a category I normally associate with bargain basement, but there it was. Normally $576, yours for just $99. Limited time more »

Googles Local Business Bonanza

Most small businesses with local customers have been slow to appreciate and utilise Google search to grow their sales and provide sales leads. Not so for the business leaders who now invest much of their marketing budgets into GoogleAds, email marketing and social media.  They understand that if you’re after new customers, being found and more »