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Here’s the 12 major reasons Google hates you…

Not getting your share?

Successful websites get lots of traffic, with around 70% sent from Google.

  1. Site not well optimised for phrases or keywords that people actually search for.
  2. Site pages and their headings (H1/H2 tags) are poorly chosen and/or not relevant
  3. Site meta descriptions are poor and not optimised for a Google search page result.
  4. Your website has no sitemap, bad coding or structure, making it difficult for Google to index. To find out what you’re about.
  5. You are lacking business citations. i.e. Not visible in directories (Google Maps, Finda, Hotfrog, etc etc)
  6. You have too few incoming links from other reputable websites or reviews from clients.
  7. Content is static, with few site updates. This is common with business sites. Google will not send traffic to sites it regards as ‘dead’. These static brochure websites imply an inactive company and not ‘worthy’ to be listed.
  8. You have no activity within the social networks .i.e. Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  9. Your website message and ‘call to action’ is poor, irrelevant. Too much reliance upon graphics, effects, flash, instead of text.
  10. You’re not using Google Analytics to find out how/why people arrived at your website.
  11. You have no e-marketing in place (no list building, email campaigns, online strategy etc)
  12. No online advertising in place to promote, drive traffic and visitors (e.g. Google AdWords)

Note very little of the above has to do with the ‘look’ or visual design of your website which is what most businesses spend the big money on. But to Google, the look or style is irrelevant. It’s all about the words used, maintaining fresh [text] content, the underlying code and what your profile is across the internet. THIS is what gets you found online…  Unfortunately, the average ‘web designer’ knows little of and has little interest in such things. His/her training and focus is naturally around the site look, not getting traffic or optimising code..

Certainly once they arrive at your site, the visual appearance certainly becomes a factor in establishing your credibility. It defines if you’re a professional or an amateur. But, if you can’t get them to your site in the first place using Google, why bother having a website?


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