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More WordPress Websites under Attack

Websites and the net is becoming more and more infected. We see it in attacks on our client websites (none successful I might point out), as well as more spam in our emails. For us geeky engineers it’s relatively easy to work out the issues and come up with solutions.

But amateur designers or small businesses trying to save money and doing it themselves on a tight budget is now a high risk option. They will use those instant website installers provided by their cheap webhost and maybe a $45 theme, getting a raw site up and running in an hour, then several days working on content.

But these sometimes very pretty websites (if ever found online), will eventually come under regular bot attacks and are far more likely to be taken down on a regular basis, annoying them and their host company, who themselves are not blameless. The widespread use of insecure or badly coded themes or plugins doesn’t help either.

Never ignore what makes a website truly successful

logo-wordhost3bWe recently setup a special website and service for those in my WordPress meetup group. The idea is to provide some professional, independent support at an affordable cost.

I’m seeing that although many webhosts, theme providers and designers provide some nice options to get a pretty website running. But what is nearly always overlooked, even when a professional ‘web designer’ is involved, is ensuring the site also: 1/ Runs Fast …  2/ Gets Traffic …  3/ Is Secure

The solution is to have a professional developer involved like ourselves (that has a passion for this area), perhaps spending a few hours to check what you (or your web designer) has done and make recommendations, repairs or hosting upgrades. Any website needs the input of geeks now, not just graphic designers who are not trained in optimising site speed, traffic or security. In fact most designers I know hate this aspect of the web and often happy to have someone else step up to help out..

Performance and Functionality trumps good looks every time

Sadly, most home or small business websites setup by entrepreneurs, business owners or junior web designers spend all their time and money on ‘looking good’ and mimicking those printed brochures from the 1980s. Website performance, traffic, security together with the core function, getting sales leads, is largely ignored. We intend to fix that. That’s what our new WordHost service is all about.

And to be frank, this immense focus upon looks and branding over website traffic, speed or functionality is unhealthy and bad for business. Here’s a good video from fellow developer and commentator Chris Lema that sums it up well.

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