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Google Now – Web 4.0

Announced this week by Google is Google Now. Upon viewing the intro video, I immediately thought of one of my earlier posts on this site back in September 2008. It was an interview by Marketing guru Seth Godin, below. In that old interview, he outlined what he thought web 3.0 and web 4.0 would be and it seems Google is now getting close to this concept.

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Google Now – A Smarter Internet

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This is amazing stuff, but considering that most marketers (and retailers) are still struggling to understand Web 2.0 we have today, what will be the impact of Google Now? It’s the beginnings of the web 4.0 concept Seth described.

But it will be the millions of early adopters that make the most of tools like this. i.e. The top 1% of businesses and the top 10% of users who see the benefit. Technology they say is always way ahead of the market, and this is a good, logical move by Google to keep them in front.  Do you agree?


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