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More Leads with Blog + Facebook Combo

This came from some recent stats out of the US today. It seems those who run an active blog get 55% more website traffic and 88% more sales leads!

However to me it comes down to having the right mix of communication channels available to customers. I have several clients selling their products or services tobtn_fbk_100 consumers that use both their Website and a Facebook page very successfully. The general indication is that around half their new business comes from their WordPress blog and website, with people using a search and their site pops up. The other half comes from Facebook chatter and online referrals.

It’s a very simple, somewhat obvious formula. dmoz-yellow-pagesWe did it with print for decades, locked into the old Yellow Pages, Classifieds, flyers and newspaper display ads. Sometimes radio. Today the internet has largely replaced these channels. But the net itself has sub-channels and communities.  People look and reside in various places online.

most have a boring website that Google has long forgotten and simply won’t send traffic to

Facebook is important, but so is the company website. The largely overlooked and forgotten website, being the marketing channel that should be supplying half of new leads, usually provides no leads at all. The excuse is that the website was a major project done long ago and it should somehow, years later, continue to do its job with no extra time or money spent on it…. Yeah, right

What’s going wrong?

findmeMost often these  brochure websites that haven’t been changed in months or years tells Google the business is dead, regardless of what’s really happening within the business. Google quite rightly regards the business as not worthy of traffic, as it can’t see any activity or make sense of the content or structure.

Google is programmed to list those businesses on page one search it regards as being relevant, active and having a good reputation by way of links or citations. Most businesses lack this, at least as far as Google is concerned….

Yet it can be solved.  A modest investment upgrading this boring, unfriendly business website to a modern, interactive, SEO-optimised blog-style website could have a very quick return and raise credibility with both Google and existing customers. Interactivity and cross-links to Facebook pages is important too. Lastly, have some funds set aside each month for email marketing and Google AdWords (replacing local Yellow and classifieds), providing an instant boost to sales.

Selling or promoting yourself requires planning, effort and investment on a continual basis. Sadly, it seems many businesses tell me they have no time or cash for this, but are the first to complain that business is slow.