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Good news, you’ve been hacked….

We’ve been doing a lot of site rebuilds for new clients over the last 12 months. One of the unintended side effects is that we’ve been so successful at getting clients more good traffic, that it’s also brought more undesirable traffic too.

Firstly, these sites are now finally ranking in Google which means others are seeing them online, whereas before the sites were hidden in the noise and basically didn’t exist as far as search was concerned.

Ironically, several clients for the very first time began to get those spammy emails from SEO ‘experts’ in the Ukraine, India, even NZ, telling them their website needed SEO work to get traffic and sales! The irony of course was had we not rebuilt their website in the first place, these ‘experts’ would not have known the site existed and able to send us the bogus SEO sales pitch. e.g.  A 1000 quality backlinks for $25. The websites that sell this trash come and go like the wind, waiting for the next sucker. In 2012 Google punishes us very severely for using such practices… (Read more)

pageviewsThe second aspect of now ‘being found’ online is a higher number of visits to the new site by nasty robots searching for email addresses as well as people and systems looking for holes in site security, including use of simple passwords placed by website owners. Site popularity applies to both good and bad visitors. The chart shows the daily visitors to this website. Typically around 10-20% of the daily traffic is of the unwanted variety.

Fortunately systems and technologies are available to minimise the threat, but it requires monthly work to keep on top of it all,  often explaining why some hosting and our own support fees are on the rise.  CMS websites by their very nature are obvious targets for hacking over the old static brochure websites. But to ‘be found’ online today you do need a good CMS website that’s updated weekly. Turning back the clock and running these simple websites isn’t an option…

So, if you’re getting some of these suspect SEO emails and your website is now under attack from nasty people or systems, it’s at least telling you that you are finally making your online presence felt. Your friends that don’t get these types of emails or sites hacked can mean they have better email filtering plus well coded/hosted sites. But it sometimes just means that they are essentially invisible online and even the hackers can’t find them, which isn’t good either….


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