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What’s Your Online Sales Target?

In-house SEO_SEM_Web DevelopmentSlowly, there’s an increasing awareness within business for a need to promote themselves better online. The need to go way beyond ‘having a website’ as per the MYOB website scam. Instead, the need make online really work for them.

A recent ad on the seek jobs website summed up what businesses should be doing. This IT company realised they needed new skills to make their existing website and online presence actually work more effectively. Here’s a summary of the role they advertised on Seek:

“An exciting opportunity to join an established and growing IT Services company. We require a part time SEO specialist to manage and maintain our WordPress website and SEM (Adwords), as well as enhance our Google rankings and web presence…”

In reality it’s a technical sales job, all about increasing their online sales leads.

Online Sales Leaders Still Wanted

I don’t see these types of forward-thinking ‘technical sales’ roles appearing too often  – Companies that are looking to improve what they’re doing online to boost monthly sales results. A real focus upon Website Content, SEO and Google Adwords.

…what’s you online sales target?

In consumers minds, Google, search and social has largely replaced Yellow Pages, Newspapers and radio advertising. Yet in spite of the major shift by consumers to online and mobile, very few companies have anyone dedicated to, or a respectable budget for website upkeep, email, mobile or online advertising. Most are content to go out and build a cheap ‘brochure website’ destined to get little traffic. And with a new website that won’t rank well or get much traffic, companies conclude they must keep spending money on ineffective directories, more telemarketing, magazine promotions, newsprint ads, flyers, radio and direct mail etc.

trafficIt’s interesting that larger companies that do spend sizable money on their sites usually put most effort into the design and branding side, since this is what their local web designer or agency is best at. Not surprisingly, there’s minimal budget included in the site build for SEO, analytics analysis (right), coding optimisation or traffic-building.  It’s all a bit like buying a new car, but having no budget for the right engine, petrol or upkeep. It’s just there to sit in the driveway and ‘look good’ – Not achieve any business results. No sales targets set.

If the website spec had monthly sales targets included, the web designer would then be forced to look beyond branding. Beyond adding in a few keywords. To perhaps encourage the company to employ someone else with more appropriate skills that looks at building their website traffic and monthly sales leads. To establish a new role just like our IT company example where online lead generation and SEO work is done every week.

Turn away from the old ways

Businesses today are lagging behind customers in terms of how they want to be sold to. Times change. A new client reminded me recently, “..We once spent $43,000 per annum on Yellow Pages ads to bring in new work. Now that leads from Yellow have largely dried up, we realised we need to set aside a similar amount each year on building a high traffic website and for Google Advertising”.

Where does your business sit? Do you have a search marketing strategy? Want someone to do this work for you? email me at  zn.oc.gnitekramlatigidnull@nivek

p.s. Business website projects should ideally have around a third of their project budget assigned to visual design and content, another third on CMS coding, various interactivity features and on-site SEO factors. The remaining third is on traffic building being off-site SEO, SEM, Social, eMail etc. Note work around website content, SEO, SEM, email campaigns, social media and traffic-building is on-going.

Ref: Business website marketing costs today

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One Response to “What’s Your Online Sales Target?”

  1. Brilliant article. A pity our own web designer didn’t tell us this stuff. Our $5,000 website gets almost no traffic.

    Posted by Lisa | August 7, 2012, 9:29 am

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